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Day 14-15-16

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Week two weigh-in were not as eventful as week one. Of course, any time you can lose 10.5 pounds of weight in 7 days, you have to understand that the majority of that weight is water. It is also common to lose a lower amount week #2 and get discouraged. I wasn’t discouraged at all. I knew that going into this, it was going to be a long process. This protocol is a journey, not a race. Everything that happens until I reach my goal weight is a lesson on survival for me.

I also came to grips with the fact that I am a food addict. 200 pounds and 20 years ago I would have thought that was impossible. I was talking to my coach and said that even when this is over, I can never eat the way I used to. It’s like any addict, drugs, alcohol, sex, whatever; I cannot go back to the damaging lifestyle food created. That was the first time I said that and actually BELIEVED it. I made the conscious choices to over indulge on a lot of things I knew were bad for me. However, what I have learned is so much more psychological than physical. Obesity is a battle of the mind. No one in my family is morbidly obese, so it isn’t a genetic problem. People that opt for surgery as an easy out have not tried everything. They have not tried true restraint. They have not changed their lifestyle. If they say they have, they really haven’t. Ideal Protein forces you to change your life style.

Changing your lifestyle changes your body. Consistency provides that constant change. This is not a result driven program, in my mind. You cannot focus on the weekly results as you would a regular diet. The science behind this is so incredibly sound, all you need to do is follow the program. It’s like a 401K. If I checked the 401K account every day and saw the account balance dropping, I would panic and get out of it and move it into something else. However, a 401K is a long-term investment where the growth usually occurs years down the road. Money will continue to go in, regardless of initial outcome. Similar to IP, this is a long journey. Follow the system, as directed, the results are guaranteed. The guarantee lies in your own personal commitment to the program.

For the first time since I started this, I have had a couple of people comment how I look like I am losing weight. I cannot tell you, nor do I have to, how great that makes me feel. It validates my efforts. It gives me hope which is something I haven’t had in a long time. I spoke with a doctor that comes into our facility and even he commented. I told him what changes I had in my blood sugars and he started asking me questions. He was amazed that I had such a significant change. What he said to me next was very encouraging and makes me care less about weight as it does about the importance of health. He said that based on a large blood sugar drop so fast that my body is designed for this type of program. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if I was off of medications before Christmas. I thought that was kind of nice to hear. Of course, I will be working closely with my doctor when the time comes for that decision. Regardless, it has been will power that has lowered my blood sugar. I give IP all the credit in the world. Without IP I am not sure I would have been able to have that will power. The goal, in my mind, is sustainability. When IP is gone, then what? Will I have the power to deny the pulls of my food addiction? Time will tell. However, two weeks in, I am feeling pretty confident that I will be able to.

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    It's a tough row to to speak. Knowing where I was and where I will be, I cannot fathom ever going back to that person. I really can't. This isn't about me anymore. My kids need me for a plethora of reasons, but the main reason is as an example. I am sure, regardless of the phase, I will be coming back to these boards for some inspiration.
    2295 days ago
    BRACKEN-That is where I am right now! Will I have the power to deny the pulls of my food addiction? Will I continue down the path of wise food choices and healthy living, or will I slip back into self-justification for all of the terrible things I put in my mouth? Will it ever NOT be about food?
    2295 days ago
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