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If "Weight" Didn't Exist How to tell if this exercise and diet thing is working...

Thursday, December 06, 2012

If there were no such thing as "weight", OMG!! Party time!! I would weigh over 200lbs and I would not notice that it takes FOREVER to loose a pound or for that matter care!! My weight would not be a part of ME!! Get thee behind me Satan!!! emoticon Hey we all know that scale is the devil's tool!! emoticon

Ok, just had to have a mini rant! :) My "return" journey for getting in shape had started rather small this year. I did the little 10 min exercise sessions, quickly bored and tried the longer ones, but they were not a real challenge to keep me interested, and found jazzercise, "Burlesque" and got my butt moving for real again, emoticon FINALLY!! I like to dance and that's what I do to loose weight. At least that is how it started again. I work out in my living room at 4:30 AM and have a blast. I was doing 20 min then I tried the full 45 min of that DVD and then decided to break out my beach body DVDs and wow!!!

IIIIIIIIIIII'm BACK!! I am doing these videos and adding in the little ab routines emoticon and keeping up. I could handle the full 45 of turbo jam cardio emoticonand also the sculpt. I noticed that I was getting so good, that there was not much in the way of resistance, so I had to switch up. I am doing the REVABS routine and OMG!! I am close to the end of the first phase which is 45 days and I am handling it. I had this set of DVDs and when I first looked at them back in 2009 when I purchased them, I thought I can't do that. Now I am ready (I think) for phase 2 - WOW WOW. There is only one problem that I have, my left foot is kind of messed up emoticon and I can't put pressure on my toes when doing a push up or plank, so I do a half modification, emoticon one knee(left) and one full leg (right) it works and I am getting so much stronger!! I can do 46 push ups (the last set is 16 reps) and I can hold the plank for a full minute. When I started I did around 20 tops and half a minute on the plank if that. I have upper body strength, AB strength, emoticonjust strength PERIOD! I sweat and get the job done and want more!!!

I put on a skirt today that I could tuck my shirt in for the first time since I bought it back about 5 yrs ago. My blazers I get big (size 22 and 24) so the arms are long enuf and last year they were a bit tight around the middle, well not anymore. These things are HUGE!! emoticon I was going to wear a shell (short sleeved dress shirt for those that don't know) and it's a 2X, well I could not wear that since it was so big, it just looked BAD!! Made me really happy. I have so many clothes that just don't fit and I am in 7th heaven now. I also have some things that I couldn't wear from years past (I just couldn't get rid of them) and now I can. I have this black dress that is super clingy but there is still too much gut for that yet. I am getting there, the week of December 16th is when I start phase 2 of my REVABS program. I will make that gut go away!! I am a work in progress!!! I don't need no stinkin' SCALE to show my success or my failures! emoticon I have collar bones that can be seen!! I have chicken legs (that is my husband's comment) and I am getting fit!! There be muscle emoticon on this body!! And I ain't stopping!!

There is yet one more reason for my exercise routines. I am happier when I am exercising. I feel less stress emoticon and the release I get when I am straining to lift weights or hold the plank, it is an awesome feeling. When I am punching and kicking I am in 7th heaven! emoticon Exercise is the key to my happiness. I can’t NOT exercise, I need this like I need food. I enjoy it when people say that I am disappearing!! The fat girl emoticon is about to no longer be ME!! emoticon
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