Thursday, December 06, 2012

As of today I have officially made it to my 50lbs goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon
I am so happy!!!! emoticon
And as I head towards year 3 of me working out (and healthy lifestyle), the third year will be dedicated to TONING! emoticon

*happy dance* So happy right now!!!

the first year: Was dedicated to finding my workout routine. things I like and worked for me. Mainly Zumba! My food wasn't really on track yet so I flunked losing weight that year BUT my stamina went way up

the second year: Will go down in history as the weight loss year. I kept up my zumba and added weight training. I also discovered Sparkpeople the tool I so needed to track my food and figure it all out.

the third year: Toning! I can't wait to see what I will look like 1 year from now!

I want to add pictures but our hard drive died a few months ago and until we get the money to fix it I'm not able to retrieve any pictures from it :(. Anybody got a $1.000 anywhere?!
But here's a fairly recent picture of myself and my son (October)
I want my progress pictures back! poo emoticon

In the last 2 years:
*I have run a 5k,
*Lost the weight I desperately needed gone,
*I have become a fitness instructor (my love for zumba is now my job!)
*Am more confident than ever
*Gone from obese BMI to healthy BMI!
*Made new friends at the gym
*... there are so many things, little things but they all mean so much to me

I am hoping to try going off my anti depressant medication in the near future.
(wish me luck on the one emoticon )

Thank you for reading! Wishing you all Happy Holidays and an amazing and healthy 2013!!!!!!!!!!!


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