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What a Beautifully Horrible Day

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Whew! Glad yesterday is now in the past. I am still up in the air about whether or not it was truly a horrible day because, quite frankly, I learned a lot.

My son currently has foot hand mouth disease and the last two days my husband stayed home with him. Unfortunately, around 1:00 AM yesterday my son woke up screaming and crying. Justin could not get him to calm down, so I got up, carried him around, laid down with him, rubbing his back and trying to convince him in as many soft words as I knew that I knew it hurt and that it would be ok. After a little bit, he calmed down and finally went back to sleep. I, however, had a really hard time getting back to sleep before I had to get up at 4:30.

Once up, I went through the usual morning routine and made myself a pretty dang delicious tofu scramble. I left just a little bit later than I wanted to but wasn't too concerned. I got about halfway to work when I stopped at a red light, all of my car's lights dimmed, and the engine died. Yeah. I called my husband, who was more exhausted than I was. He could barely think, so I quickly threw my phone onto the opposite seat, opened my door, grabbed my steering wheel and started pushing my car around the corner to a parking spot on the side of the road. Thank the Lord that it was only around 6:00 AM so there wasn't much traffic. I had almost gotten the car around the corner when it started to roll back. I just wasn't strong enough to steer with one hand and push the car from the door. That's when a man who looked like a fit Santa Claus (he even had a red shirt) pulled over, jumped out, ran over with a quick, "Hang on, sweetheart!" and just started pushing with me. We got it into a parking spot, and I thanked him profusely. He just said, "You're welcome" and took off. Thank the Lord for the kindness of strangers! This is even more poignant because a much younger man strolled by and watched me trying to push the car. No help from him.

Once I got that taken care of, I called my husband back and tried to figure out what would be best for me to do. Justin thought me going to work and him picking up my key later was the best solution. It was dark and sprinkling and walking to work sounded miserable, so I took off my silly earrings and jogged. I can't imagine what a weird sight that must have been for people to see a lady in her nice office clothes, purse, coffee cup and lunch bag jogging down the road. It was only a little over half a mile, so I knew that I could get it over and done with really fast if I just took off as fast and as careful as I could (safety first when you do not have running shoes on). Thank the Lord that I am fit and healthy and that the rain never started until I got to work. No one seemed to understand why I jogged until I pointed out, "I'm in shape and if I hadn't, I'd still be walking right now. Why not?"

I never quite woke up after that, and my appetite mysteriously disappeared for the rest of the day. I worked my ten hour shift, but it was a struggle for sure. I was stressing about what to do for the car and asked my husband Justin to call a tow truck. My friend Kenny, one of the other graphic designers, shared his gourmet coffee with me and suggested checking with our insurance to see if a tow was covered. Neither Justin nor I had thought of that, but it was! Money saved, which was one of the biggest things stressing me out about the whole predicament. My lead Sandy also popped over and offered to give me a ride home and to pick me up in the morning. Thank the Lord for the stress relief and the kindness of friends.

Finally, to top off the day, I went to pull my shirt down a little bit and my fingers went right through the lace trim on the bottom and ripped huge holes in it on both sides. On the flip side, Dave, one of our Prepress guys, just got back from Chicago and had bought both my friend Chelsea and I bracelets from a stand near the printer's building called MudLove. He said he thought of us as soon as he saw them. They are clay focal components with words stamped into them and 20% of all sales go to providing clean water to people in rural Africa. Mine says "imagine". It made me feel good that someone thought of me, especially on what was shaping up to be not my best day ever. I even looked at my wrist to see my bracelet as soon as my fingers went through my shirt and started laughing. I was in the bathroom, so that probably creeped people out in the other stalls. Thank the Lord for little blessings and things to make me laugh!

As you can see, there were quite a few crummy events yesterday and it was a bit of a struggle, but for every bad thing, there was a blessing. The best part is, I actually kept a pretty good attitude the entire day because I DID thank the Lord for all of the little things. I had made the decision that even through the bad parts, I was going to give thanks to God. That really helped me to see all these little things and focus on the positive instead of the negative, which has been a struggle for me in the past. I know that God is taking care of me, and that realization along with the little blessings is why I cannot say that yesterday was truly horrible. I definitely did some yoga last night, though. I definitely needed to unwind! I hope everyone has a great day looks for little blessings, too!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Absolutely! If we just saw the negative it wouldn't take long to just want to crawl inside a hole, and pull it in after us.

    Your day sounds like one of those family camping trips . . . the one in which everybody gets on everybody elses nerves, it rains, the tent collapses, the milk spoils, somebody breaks an ankle or tips the canoe . . . . it isn't until maybe years later when somebody says "hey, remember that camping trip . . . " and everybody laughs!

    1992 days ago
    wow..just wow...WHAT a day. He gave ya strength to do that, you can do anything
    1992 days ago
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