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So, it's supposed to be Christmas season...

Thursday, December 06, 2012

I noted to some of my Spark friends that I'm having trouble getting my Cratchet on this year. Seriously. I haven't decorated at work OR at home. I've been doing all the healthy Spark things, of course: nutrition, exercise, sleep. But... between the weather not hollering "Winter" (it will soon, they promise, starting with a downward slide in temps today and tomorrow)... having had a southern trip in November, missing Thanksgiving dinner with the family... oh, and lest we forget, my son's overseas and my daughter in law doesn't "do" Christmas.

Anyway, my personal internal calendar is stuck at about Halloween. I'm working on it, really I am! It has been my observation in years past, though, that regardless of my personal circumstances, Christmas *will* show up on schedule, right in my heart, where it belongs.

Meantime, my apologies for not being a particularly festive blogger! Despite this, life *is* still good. Spark on! emoticon
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    Just hang a decorationn on a plant Barb! Who needs a tree?-----Lordy Lordy! Xmas will be in yer heart--You are so good! Forget emoticon mm emoticon emoticon mm emoticon m emoticon m all the hooplah and do as yu please!-lynda
    2024 days ago
    once you get that tree up and start listening to the holiday tunes you will so be in the mood!! werid that ur daugther in law does not "do" xmas.
    2025 days ago
    Getting your Cratchet on--ha ha, love that! We're easing our way into it too. Doesn't look like Christmas at all in our house yet. It looks like Science Fair Project Time. Really. Doesn't Christmastime seem to be the perfect time for Science Fair? Nothing says, God rest ye merry gentlemen, like the weeping and gnashing of teeth from middle schoolers and their parents. LOL. Thinking we will attempt mildly decking our halls this weekend. Have a good one!
    2025 days ago
    Kind of how I feel. I'm still waiting for the Trick or Treaters to show up since Halloween got hurricaned this year! And yes, I did manage to eventually eat the candy.
    Thanksgiving was empty as I was missing Dad.
    The rest of this years personal tragedies have knocked my Ho Ho Ho down to an alltime low.

    For me giving to the Red Cross (hmm, I work there) or another humanitarian organization may bring me a better lift than evergreen and tinsel.

    2025 days ago
    Jesus is the reason for the season. The decorations aren't.
    2025 days ago
    Don't feel bad, we don't do much for the holidays either. Too busy with work and stuff. I work retail and right now am getting holiday overload. So looking forward to January and the slow time of the year for us.
    2025 days ago
    Tree's up, lights on and that's it. You and I need
    to get together LOL!
    2025 days ago
    Even when I am at my lowest points, I always know that life is *still* good! sparkin' on with you, Sister!
    2025 days ago
    I'm having just the opposite experience from you this year Barb...being out of work has given me plenty of time at home to be festive....I've decorated, shopped, started the wrapping, and I'm trying to rein myself in with the baking -- it's too early for that, except what I'm sending to Jeff & Abbi. But I've had years like what you're having....and I've no doubt you'll be feeling Christmas-ey before you know it!
    2025 days ago
    Does it help if I tell you I have a tree up? It's small, about the size of Grandma Dottie's artificial tree when we were kids. And it's likely the only Christmas decoration I'll do at home. At the office, there are two ornaments, red and purple, taped to my door; but somebody else put those up. I can just enjoy the decorations other people put up at work.
    2025 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/6/2012 6:10:16 PM
    It can be somewhat liberating to not have all the holiday obligations using up your time and energy.
    Besides, you are feeling festive just from your own life these days. How terrific is that!!

    Just think, this year when it comes time to make the New Year's resolutions, you'll be feeling very good about this past year's accomplishments.

    It's all good!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2025 days ago
    Wishing your heart full of Christmas joy shows up sooner rather than later!! Now get a few of those decorations out, have a hot apple cider (maybe sugar free), and put on some Christmas music. How about dancing to Rocking Around the Christmas Tree or other upbeat carol?? You'll get there!! -Marsha
    2025 days ago
    This year I have been thinking of getting one of those Charlie Brown Christmas trees. All the decorations are in the attic and I don't want to drag them down. Just not feeling like all the work.
    2026 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/6/2012 2:28:29 PM
  • MIRAGE727
    No apologies needed, Barb! You blog on anything you feel like! I've got immediate family issues but I'm just focusing on DSSECRETS & Gianna as my priorities! And your heart is definitely in the right place!
    2026 days ago
    I just started decorating.
    2026 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Being single in a bachelor apartment, I don't bother decorating either, especially as I have no visitors and face north where few people walk behind. I do kind of miss the blinking running lights I used to put up, but they wouldn't work well with vertical blinds on my windows. But a bridge partner of mine said one should always have a tree and she gave me this small wooden one painted green and she put rhinestones all over it, looks great and is on my shelf year round as its kind of artsy!
    2026 days ago
    I haven't decorated my house or my office for 12 years. Now as an empty nester, I really don't miss the hassle of it all. I still spend the holidays with my kids and grandkids and that is what is important to me.

    The spirit of the holiday is the most important whether you decorate or not.
    2026 days ago
  • DALID414
    Some years the holidays seem to come all at once!
    2026 days ago
    In your heart is right where it should be! You can then "give it back" ....

    When I was 5, the recitation I did in our church's Christmas program was:

    What can I give Him, poor as I am?
    If I were a shepherd, I'd give Him a lamb.
    If I were a wise man, I'd do my part.
    But what can I give Him?
    I'll give Him my heart!

    After 50+ years, I still remember that verse. Maybe the purpose of that memory was to share it with you today! (I'll let you know if I don't remember it tomorrow :) )

    Have a joyful day, OneKidsMom! I KNOW you deserve it!
    2026 days ago
    Maybe just do the Christmas stuff you love the most and forget about the rest or experiment with doing things differently this year?
    2026 days ago
    I just wanted to tell you, I had a particularly bad yesterday, had a call with my MIL that really upset me, routine problems with the teenagers that are so disheartening...I told myself, I'm going to handle this with grace. I mentally ran through all of the people in my life that I know, and whom I would like to emulate during all of this really, unremarkable, day to day stress and your name came into my mind, I thought that's it - I will try to handle this the way I think ONEKIDSMOM. Although this has absolutely nothing to do with your post, it reminded me about yesterday and I wanted to let you know how AWESOME i think you are!
    2026 days ago
    Sometimes a simple Christmas is the best. We can get so caught up in doing everything perfectly that we forget what it's really about. It sounds like you remember where the spirit belongs - right in your heart. emoticon
    2026 days ago
    I think it's harder to get in the Christmas spirit when it's unseasonably warm. Snow would go a long way in helping the mood for me. Maybe Sunday.
    2026 days ago
    Oh I'm right with you. Did get my miniature nutcracker ornaments out on the kitchen shelf and the cards and shopping are done. But no tree . . . yet.

    You're right, though, that the most important place to feel Christmas is in your heart.

    2026 days ago
    My life is good too, but I am not festive. I am so tired I feel as if we are living in limbo, still have dads stuff partially unpacked, part up here part down with him. Still have stuff to reno up here but have to finish down there.... I have no more interest in "doing" Christmas and especially this year feel as if it is all for 2 days. We haven't many friends here, that just drop over one sister in law will come.... the kids usually come xmas eve, but dil stopped that when she wasn't able to bring a bby to the house and now that there is a 3 year old almost, and a 1 year old, I can only imagine. But do know that dd friend has invited herself and family over for xmas eve as she has no family and considers us her family. Great when I feel like it LOL
    SO yes life is going along, but I will join you in being late on getting ready for the season. HUGS
    2026 days ago
    We got behind too and put up just a small tree.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2026 days ago
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