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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Went to see the band Psychostick play the other night, the finest practitioners of the humorcore genre (mixing comedy and metal). If you've heard of them, it's probably for their Beer song (beer is good! Beer is good! Beer is good! And stuff!). I've seen them before, and it was a great, fun time as ever. Favorite part of the night might have been the slow motion moshpit, as called for by the band's singer, and hilariously executed by a good portion of the crowd. Look on YouTube for a video titled "Psychostick - Numbers(drowning pool cover)/Sandwich/ABCDeath - FRESNO, CA - 9-14-12" for a taste of their humor, including the slow mo pit. I'd post a link but the mobile site for YouTube doesn't easily lend itself to figuring out a corresponding URL. But trust me, it's a very educational video.

Wednesday was a non starter, as my to do list gathered moss. Thawed chicken, ate soup. Wrote out a check, didn't have a stamp. Didn't go get a stamp. That sort of thing. Finally, went to the gym at 8, after watching Home Alone, after consuming many Doritos somewhat mindlessly. Now, that wasn't necessarily on the list, but with 10 days left to get to the gym 5 times for the ugly t shirt, it's a wild card entry on every day's to do list. Might have overdone it a bit, this edition of early AM (although at 6 AM, it's ok, right? Just early for me) blogging is another one where I've been asleep, and woke up and wasn't able to fall back asleep. Tweaky back the culprit this time, can't quite tell if it a real issue, or that I finally did enough crunches to feel them. Actually, now that I think about it, I had another go at the punching bag, and that might be the culprit, the way it feels. Funny thing, I didn't feel anything until I stood up to grab my water glass, placed, as ever, out of casual swatting's reach. And then I felt compelled to try and recall where I might have put the ibuprofen.

The fact that I'm sore does highlight something I've been wondering about during this month and change when I've been going, really for the first time in years, steadily to the gym. When I work out, I do so to sweat. I've been making pretenses at strength training, a couple sets of crunches and squats and miscellaneous stuff with various weight machines on most of these gym visits, but nothing structured. Moreover, I'm not doing anything particularly strenuous, where I'm really feeling it the next day. Figure I'm doing something, if not wrong, then at least halfassed (let's see if the lack of a hyphen gets it past the censors!). In that light, maybe the back is saying, "about time you put in a full cheeked effort!"

Curious what it'll say after a bit more sleep?

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    I can totally relate to the strength training. Since I lost my 2 training partners I just haven't put any time into it. The really sad thing is that I know better. I know that consistent strength work (and tracking it in my notebook) is what I should be doing, but for some reason I'm not doing it. I keep telling myself I'm going to, but then I don't.
    Note to self: get back to strength training! Even if it's just with the machines!
    1991 days ago
    Hope the back feels better soon. Something is always better than nothing.
    1991 days ago
    I'm right there with you on the strength training. I keep telling myself that when we get the basement room all redone as a home gym, I'll start using the Total Gym we've had for ages - I wonder if that will actually happen (either the home gym or me on the TG). LOL

    I hope your back was happy with the extra sleep. emoticon
    1992 days ago
    Probably thank you for the extra sleep!

    1992 days ago
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