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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Rudra Pyag Confluence

Another View
I am a deeply religious person--but not in the conventional sense.For me Religion means a oneness with The Almighty--and not necessarily the road to this leads through our Temples for me.I search for Him in the signs of His Footsteps-----and one such experience I had was at Rudra Prayag--where I could feel His Presence surrounding and enfolding me.In May,1987 it was by chance that we embarked upon a Pilgrimage---the "Chaar Dhaam Yatra" holiest of Holy--into the Himalayas in search of God.The Sources of the Rivers Ganga or Ganges and the Yamuna are situated high up in the steep Himalayas--and the only way to access the Yamuna was on Ponies,traversing a narrow bridle path barely 2 feet wide.The base of the Gangetic Glacier at Gangotri was then accessible by road--but the only way to reach it's source Gaumukh was on foot.
Even today those steep winding roads cut into the Basalt Mountainsides raise a chill of fear at the memory--for the road would be barely wide enough to accomodate our Bus-- falling away steeply into gorges 6-7000 feet deep.The stark beauty of the ruggedness of the Mountains was awe inspiring----and it has since turned into one of my fondest memories.On the way to Kedarnath---theShrine dedicated to Lord Shiva we halted for a night at Rudra Prayag--where two Tributaries of the Ganga named Alaknanda and Mandakini meet and converge.We reached our Rest House in the early evening---and this gave us the opportunity to visit and pay our respects at the ancient Rudra Temple there.The steep Mountainsides on both sides of the Temple were thickly clothed in Evergreen Forests---the stark beauty of the "Shiva Lingam" in the small Temple was awe inspiring and after paying obeisance to Lord Shiva we climbed down the steep Stone steps to the River banks.Till today the magnificence of that Sight has never left me----the frothing, gushing waters of the two Tributaries rapidly rushing to meet each other--the foam flecked White Waters of the Alaknanda from the Badrinath Shrine of Lord Vishnu meeting the waters equally rapid flowing,Green flecked Mandakini flowing down from Kedarnath Shrine.The Confluence resounds with the magical sound of "Aum'---this sound just penetrates into one's soul and consciousness leaving an indelible impression behind.
Sudhir and I stood there--hand in hand--just absorbing the moment into our souls--and a deep sense of Peace pervaded our beings as we merged with the surroundings completely.Since that day it has been my fondest dream to return to Rudra Prayag and live there observing the period of "Vaan Prasthashrama"--practicing a complete detachment from Earthly wants and ties.It is here that Time has stood still for Centuries and by closing one's eyes it is easy to visualise the Gods walking here.The sublime Peace in the atmosphere and ambience is pure and untouched by modern day ethics and change in my mind.How far this is true today is a matter of Fact--but by retreating into this Memory and the haven it creates for me is the best to escape into---specially during my Reiki Sessions.I am now teaching myself to differentiate between things I need--and those I want.The Needs are essentials--the Wants superflous.By conquering these I can take my first step on the Path of Detachment and slowly reconstruct a more detached attitude towards Life and it's Vagaries!!
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