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Lunch at a seaside village today was awesome

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Day 3 of our staycation. This day led us once again to Mossel Bay where my younger son lives and is at home for two weeks from the oil rig he works on. Justin and I were going through for lunch with Cole, his girlfriend and his 19 year old half sister, as she puts it (Cole, my brother from another mother - cute)

Last time we went to a fish restaurant right on the seafront. This time Cole chose a place none of us had been to called Kaai4 which in English is Quay4 (self explanatory).

Its a very unique place, possibly the most unique I have been to so far. Like the fish restaurant, its also on the harbor side, right at the water. This place is totally run down but it was designed to be that way. Its been created to imitate an island which you would be shipwrecked on. So here goes.
Ps don't ask me what the buckets are doing on the railway sleeper wood table, I never did get around to asking?

Lanterns are everywhere for evenings I guess. We didn't stay long enough to experience the lanterns on, the wind picked up and it got really cold at the waters edge.

On one side was an open fire where the food is made. The choices you have are a meat platter which includes 1x sausage, 2x meat balls, 1x chicken kebab and 2x ribs with salad and a roosterkoek bread which is possibly what you call a griddle bread. Its a yeast bun done over the coals. The other choice is freshly caught fish with salad and pot bread. This is a bread baked over the coals in a cast iron pot. Fantastic if slightly burned on the outside and soft on the inside....yummy. Particularly nice with butter and jam.

The table in front has the salad, breads, jams and butter etc. All which you help yourself to after your meat/fish has been barbecued.

The owner has no waiters. He laughingly says if you fetch your own drinks, you know when you are too drunk for more....and says hes never had anyone pass out on his island. I'll take his word for it. So here are Justin, Cole, Nikki and Tiffany fetching our drinks and ordering our food.

Our Gin&Tonics came served like this....guess this is the shipwrecked island style stuff.
At least he will have no replacement of broken glasses. emoticon

Some tables were made from railway sleeper wood while others were put together from driftwood. We chose a driftwood table in keeping with the theme. emoticon

The place was fairly packed with tourists and the atmosphere very happy.

In South African slang, a guy who takes his girlfriend sailing would be said to "take his bokkie (buck) sailing." This gives new meaning to that slang phrase. emoticon

It was such fun sitting around chatting and catching up the years with my ex husbands daughter Tiffany. She's a sweet kid and tells me all the goings on in her families life.
Her mother would be horrified to know that...I'm sure! She feels secure around me because at a time her family was "out of control" I helped her find her feet spiritually again.
Thankfully her family are all back on their feet spiritually also.
It didn't take long for the seas to become an absolute playground for so many boats.

Initially all that was in the water were some anchored yachts just bobbing in the sea, peaceful and beautiful. I just love the clinking sounds the ropes make on the masts. Very calming for me. It brings back really good memories of when I was really sad and my best friend brought me to this very spot (no restaurant here at the time) with a bottle of wine and some sandwiches, and for the first 10 minutes no one was allowed to speak, all we could hear was the sea slapping the rocks and wharf wall and the guide ropes clinking.....super peaceful.

However, each time I looked up there seemed to be a new boat floating past my eyes. I wont even pretend I know the names of the boats, I'll just call them as I see them.
First a Dutch ocean liner (this I know from the name on the side) came into view, a large, snow white and beautiful boat. It was tooting loudly, possibly announcing that they were lowering their side boats to bring people to the shore. You can see the boat being lowered into the water sort of dead center of the picture.

This is a close up of that little boat bringing the first lot of visitors.

While that was happening, two guys on a Hobie cat kept flying by. They were so agile the way they leap from side to side balancing the cat as she flew through the water.

What this boat was I don't know. It could have been a fishing trawler or a cargo ship.
Its name didn't give any indicator.

Same could be said for this boat passing the two anchored yachts.

At one time I actually thought there might be a collision between the Dutch boat and the fishing trawler. Look how it looks that way, but wasn't. If you add the fact that....

...a rescue dingy went out you can see why I thought something was amiss. Actually something must have been amiss for the rescue dingy to be out on the water, I just couldn't see what it was.

At this point the wind was picking up and gusting. While we were nicely secured behind some clear sheeting which appeared tatty but kept us from being blown away, the dingy didn't appear to fair as well. It was being lifted and dropped back into the sea. Must be like riding a bucking bronco. I'm glad I wasn't aboard, not sure I'd be a great sailor on an angry sea.

The reason I believe those boats may have been fishing trawlers is because the seals were coming in. There is always that ONE that is less afraid than the others. This guy came right into the area designated for divers. He entertained us for about 30 minutes before turning and heading off somewhere...to the boats maybe? The trawlers gut the fish, top and tail them in the harbor and everything gets tossed into the water and the seals get fed.
But here is Mr Seal showing us what hes got. Ironically enough, he did every trick that they do in captivity, including swimming with his flipper out the water and lying on his back and clapping his flippers.
I guess the seal trainers do just use what is natural to the seal in the wild.

You can see how close he is to us, our table is just behind the rocks.

Clapping his flippers.

Lying on his back playing with the divers guide ropes and barking.

Just before the seal took off, we spotted some bubbles and a diver popped up. I wondered if he had the privilege of being up close and personal with that beautiful seal. Lucky guy if he was, what a story he would go home with to tell.

Another friendly little creature was this little bird, who waited around for crumbs from the tables. We didn't disappoint the bird. He ate well.

After a MOST enjoyable afternoon, it was time to return home. I wasn't too unhappy at that point either because I had gone dressed for summer and the wind that picked up was making me SOOO cold. I had loaned Cole's jacket, but my feet were freezing. I think the girls were all happy to be leaving too since they were in shorts, everyone had gone quieter and quieter after the coffee we had, which is also boiled in a large kettle over the fire.

You can see how the wind was blowing by these trees.

These two guys had to stand to get their bicycles moving forward in that wind. Glad it was them and not me.....but they must be pretty strong and pretty fit to have kept that up.

So that's it. Our weeks holiday is nearly over, but its been such fun. Its everything I needed and more packed into 7 short days. Tomorrow I'm being spoiled with a domestic helper for the day to get the whole house spotless and laundry all caught up while I play for the last time. What a treat.

Nikki (Coles girlfriend on the left), Cole and Tiffany, my exes eldest daughter.
Thanks kids, we had an awesome time.

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