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Why I gave up baking for Christmas

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I love Christmas! I love cooking and baking. I love decorating cookies. So why would I give that up? I felt it was right and so I did it.

No more holiday baking . at. all.

I don't regret it one bit. For one thing, I am super busy at work in December so if I wanted to bake it would feel like an obligation, not a celebration. So I give myself permission to only keep the traditions that are fun and make me happy. No baking.

I really don't think cookies are worth the calories. I feel lousy after I eat them, too. If I'm going to indulge, I would much rather have some wine and cheese or a lovely, exotic fruit salad. I really would!

We get baked goods as gifts. I used to kind of groan inside when someone gave me brownies/cookies/fudge/candy/c
ake as a gift. I would wonder if anyone would notice if I pitched it in the trash can. Now, since I don't bake, I don't mind those gifts at all! I put them out for guests and my family gets a few goodies. I might even eat a cookie or two myself. Notice how I said "a cookie or two" not a whole pan of brownies! They seem special...the way a gift should seem.

I like to cook. Sure baking is fun, but so is making soup. A nice healthy vegetable chowder or festive roasted veggies are fun to make, too. It's also fun to try something fancy-schmancy for a holiday meal. Truth be told, I like caramelized onions better than colored sugar sprinkles anyway.

So how about you? Do you bake for the holidays? If so, how do you handle it?
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    When I first got married, I baked several kinds of cookies--my mom did, therefore I did. When the girls were little, I baked out of obligation--you HAD to at Christmas. Then my hubby started making HIS choc chip cookies--and I stopped. I do not bake anything any more--and it is fine. I'd love to get cookies as a gift!
    1979 days ago
    Holiday baking is the only time of year that I do bake. I enjoy it! I mostly enjoy the process of baking, more than the product itself. I like experimenting with the textures and flavors. I can make flavor combinations with quality that just can't be had in a store. I haven't had trouble managing my weight. I make small batches, and I don't eat a lot of them. I've never been one to eat too many sweets. Like Kayotic, I only do it for specific purposes and because I enjoy it.

    Good for you for finding what works for you!
    1987 days ago
    Great blog!

    Good for you and I too love caramelized onions in a festive red pepper and green bean roasted veggie plate!

    1987 days ago
    That's great that you made it work for you, and you can enjoy the baked goods given as gifts now instead of resenting them...what a nice bonus, and think of all the free time from not baking!

    I stopped baking so much at Christmas quite a while ago, but may do some this year. I do like baking, I just didn't like feeling like I "had" to do it. Now I'll just bake when I really want to, and for a specific purpose, not just to have a bunch of cookies or breads lying around.
    1991 days ago
    Good for you!

    My daughter and I usually bake our favorite cookies, and then eat too many of them. This year, we are traveling for the holidays, so all of our decorations are minimal and our usual routines are out of sync. This means no cookie baking!

    I have to admit, I like it better this way. I'd rather use the calories on other things emoticon

    1991 days ago
    I gave up baking too! Truth be told, NO ONE really needs the extra fat, calories and sugar!

    "I felt it was right and so I did it. " This makes you A SMART woman! There is no reason to add extra stress and obligations to yourself this time of year. This is kinda like a gift emoticon to yourself. Now you can enjoy yourself like everyone else and celebrate the season.

    1991 days ago
    I love that you said you gave yourself permission. Sometimes that's just what it takes.
    I don't think I'm baking as much this year either. I just don't want the stuff in the house! Thanks for helping me give myself permission!
    1991 days ago
    I've cut way back but would rather not do it at all. If I make it, I eat it. The kids like to have it but none of them want to take it home with them. Then I have to look for places to take it so I don't eat the extras. It's expensive too. Good for you for not doing it.
    1991 days ago
    Good for you, making choices that work for you!
    1992 days ago
  • BBECKER1955
    "I felt it was right and so I did it. " Good for you! emoticon
    1992 days ago
    well said


    I totally agree ,I just blog my self .on the subject , less stress during the hoildays.
    elimate & do only the fun things .

    Thank You
    1992 days ago
    emoticon for making such a healthy decision!! I think that is great that you have given up baking for Christmas. That is getting you one step closer to your goals while on this journey.

    I personally can not give it up. I LOVE baking. My son will volunteer me to make goodies for his class (which I don't mind) and around the holidays people I work with will ask for certains things that I make.

    As for eating while I bake is not a problem for me. I have never really done that. I go by what others think of it and will make adjustments from what they say.
    1992 days ago
  • ELAYNE39
    Me too! I love Christmas baking, but I'm not doing it this year. I don't need the calories. Glad to see you are okay with decision.
    1992 days ago
    Yep, I'd much rather indulge in real food. My downfall is fresh, homemade bread. I have had to give up that up.
    1992 days ago
  • DISP715
    OMG! I have totally been struggling with this. Every year I make huge platters of cookies. 8 or 9 varieties. I give them to everyone. Problem is, I probably eat dozens of them in the process. (Can't send out cookies without making sure they are good). So this year, with my weight sort of a little up, I really don't want to start with the cookies. I KNOW that I can't bake without eating some. People are already commenting on "can't wait for those cookies!" Still not sure what I will ultimately end up doing. I also make this amazing cranberry/orange vinaigrette that I jar and wrap pretty ribbon around. Maybe I will stick with just that for gifts. Have a great day. HUGS!
    1992 days ago
    I had to give it up as well. Three years ago I made 12 kinds of cookies -- multiple batches... and had to try one of each to makes sure they were decent enough to give away (right?). Starting last year I put a kibosh on the baking -- and I made it through X-mas losing weight.

    Now people will realize your/our baking is a special treat!
    1992 days ago
    I wouldn't call it!! I make those Christmas bad! as long as I don't eat one...I don't crave it. I'm with you on the cheese and wine, and salad! Sounds DELISH!!
    1992 days ago
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