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Main reason I binge

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

So I did absolutely horrible over thanksgiving. I loved being home and the great times with friends and family, but I overate by so much. It wasn't the meals that got me, that wouldn't have been a problem, it was the grazing and after dinner snacking that did me in. If nothing else, I think I finally fully reaslized something about myself that leads to the endless munching and why I feel I am unable to stop.

My body hates coming down from being completely full.

I've come to think of my fullness in 4 levels.

1. Hungry- This is where you are actually physcially hungry, not just wanting something to eat. Your stomache is growling, you can feel that you do in fact need to put some calories in you. Surprisingly, this is when I'm safest. I know I can wait to fuel myself with a good meal that is planned, and I actually like the feeling. Lets me know my body must be burning fat at the moment, so why should I waste that by throwing some sugar at it?

2. Normal- Not sure how to describe this, this is just how you are when you aren't thinking about food at all and energized. I'd say from the time 1-5 hours after a well balanced meal. This is where boredom grazing is a problem, and doing too much of that can lead to the 4th level of fullness

3. Content- That feeling right after a well balanced meal, or an hour after too big a meal that was still full of good protein, whole grains, veggies ect. Great place to be. A cookie is kind of tempting right here. Something like that would make me nice and satisfied, but its not like there's anything screaming that I need one

4. Full- Big Thanksgiving meal full. To me, this is both great and a curse, and the reason I keep snacking. Being completely full feels great, and its like once I hit it, my body doesn't want to come down from it. About half hour after this I feel slow, sluggish, and uncomfortable. You'd think this would be enough deterent for me to keep me from eating too much, but sadly it is not. This is the time a cookie or something looks absolutely amazing and I can't say no. After snacking at this point I feel great again for 10 mins, then even worse. Then I can grab a slice of pie and feel wonderful again for 15 mins, then even worse. Then a handful of m&ms and I'm good, Vicious, vicious cycle

If nothing else, packing on 10 pounds over 4 days of being home I know what I need to not do when I'm home for 3 weeks over. Biggest thing will be avoiding getting to that completly full stage. Especially if I reach that point on treats in the first place. If I do get there after a good meal, I need to use my will power and not have anything and fight to let the craving pass. If I grab one thing I'm done. Its like "well you already messed up, so what's the harm in another chocolate ball that's only like 100 calories?" then I do that 8-12 times before going to bed disgusted with myself.

Having an idea of the problem is the only way I can find the solution. My body hates coming down from being full, so either fight it down or don't get there. Easy to say, now I have to do it.
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    Ughh, so true! And all too familiar.. thanks for making me think twice about that snack I was about to munch... I'm not even really hungry right now, just procrastinating! ("Boredom grazing")
    1963 days ago
  • CHERYLL1949
    Just wanted to say"Hi" and I like your blog! emoticon
    1964 days ago
    Your blog, KYLAR, and the responses are some of the best information I have found in SparkPeople! I can relate perfectly and it helps to know others deal with this also. We all need to share our insights and solutions with each other. We can do this! Thanks. emoticon
    1965 days ago
    One other problem I have is that if it's in the house, it's MINE. And along with it is, if there is any left, I need to eat it so as not to be wasteful and also so I don't eat it later(DUH). Most the time my eating has very little to do about my fullness. It's more of a duty to the environment. LOL Old school habits are hard to correct.

    The other day we went out to dinner with my "outlaws" since they are leaving today. We had rib eye and we actually only ate half and took home the other half. Which I ate yesterday. They had some big pieces of sourdough bread(which I don't really like). Usually I will still eat it even though I don't like it since it would be wasteful not to.(what about all those starving Chinese constantly goes through my head from my younger years). This time though, I threw them away. I am finally learning that I don't need to save the world one bite at a time.

    So knowing your weaknesses, reasons, limitations, abilities, etc. is the first step to living a better life. If one is ignorant as to WHAT is going on, then they will continue to repeat their past mistakes. Good on ya, Kylar for learning and accepting. Now putting forth plans to correct bad habits is much easier and doable. Keep the faith.
    1967 days ago
    I can relate. Boredom is an issue, but so is the fullness and not wanting to come down when there are so many "tasty" treats to keep eating. But the feeling after it is definitely the worst, but how can we stop the viscous cycle when we are surrounded by it? Is this really an issue of self control, or something inside our brain keeping us from the reality of what's going to become of it? IDK, but hang in there and remember that food is fuel and that may help when you have had enough.
    1967 days ago
    I too have noticed that I do that. Maybe more now that I have my lapband than before, or I just notice more. My brain is still in training on how much I can eat, and even though I know if I dont stop i'll get sick, I still have that feeling of being deprived and want more because it taste good. My mom makes the best mashed potatoes i've ever had and it's really hard only having a tbsp of them and being satisfied mentally. That's all I have room for after 3 oz of meat and a tbsp of a veggie. I know for some people this sounds crazy that I would be complaining about this much food, but after I get rid of that full feeling if I start to graze then I've already talked myself into thinking it's ok. It really adds up though the day. The one thing that kept me on track this Thanksgiving was everyone was literally watching me. They watched me get my little kiddie plate, watched me choose the right stuff and watched me eat. It was uncomfortable at first, but I got over it. Some I think just want to understand and others want to see if i'll mess up. Just said all that to let you know I really liked how you recognized your problem and your far from being alone or crazy. I don't think you could have described that feeling better. Great job on finding the problem, now just need a plan to help you not feel so bad next time.
    1967 days ago
    You are so right! I notice that when I want to binge, it's to recapture that full feeling as well.

    Good to point that out, since I'm headed to my parents' house in a couple of weeks. Will definitely make sure to remember this blog when I eat. :)
    1968 days ago
    I agree with my fellow Sparkers; you really hit the nail on the head with this one. That a huge and very satisfying meal can trigger binges or binge-like eating patterns isn't an issue that has been articulated very often, maybe because it's just accepted behavior in our culture, especially around the holidays. You are not alone in finding it very challenging to maintain balance this time of year. My sweet tooth calls me more often in these cold dark months, and it's harder to fight her siren song when there is so much junk around. :)
    Thanks so much for writing about this. Though we may not be able to completely resolve the issue, it certainly helps to identify it! I have been pondering a similar phenomenon in my eating patterns, and it is so valuable to be able to see it more clearly. It is interesting, too, to think about how much our desire to keep "topping off" is physiological and how much is a psychological response to being beyond satiated. Thanks again for the great insights!
    1968 days ago
    I agree that this is very insightful! Good analysis.

    What about going out and doing something after having a big meal (level 4)? I know this past Thanksgiving we went out pretty soon after dinner and had a walk, then hung out a park for awhile while my cousin's kids played. Getting out of the house (and away from the food) gave us all a chance to get over the super full feeling, so when dessert rolled around, at least for me, I was content to just have 1 piece of cheesecake, versus having multiples and also having pie.

    Also last night I met up w/ a friend for dinner, and we had a HUGE meal.... appetizer, main, dessert. I was at the almost sick feeling of full. But yet I still wanted to eat more because it all tasted so good. So when I got home, I just got ready for bed. It was earlier than I normally would but by going through the motions of getting ready for bed, it was like telling my body "OK, no more food for tonight".
    1968 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/5/2012 2:42:10 PM
  • SLEE103
    Oh how true this is...I know that feeling. My body doesn't like "coming down" from being full either...I think it's how you described it, and my serious sweet tooth that always needs to "top off" a meal...but after a big meal like clrwilliams said, its when you get that bit of space in your stomach, like it finally starts to digest, and you think oh maybe I didn't eat as much as I thought, there's still room, or maybe it wasn't healthy and therefore filling, so you feel "hungry" an hour later...whatever it is, it sucks. This is when I have to keep asking myself am I truly hungry? as you described #1 Hungry.

    Like you said, identifying the problem and solution isn't the hard part, its doing it. But all I can say, and what I need to follow too, is track track track and be knowledgeable about how "bad" things really are. Like when my mother stocks the house over the holidays with bowls of Lindt balls...I grab one here, there, and soon enough I've added over 300 more calories.
    1968 days ago
    "Sometimes, it's boredom. Sometime (worst times) you were extremely full, get a tiny bit of space and then immediately fill it up again!"

    You said it perfectly Williams.

    And glad to know I'm not alone with this feeling. I thought I was just crazy, how can I be "hungrier" when I'm fuller?
    1968 days ago
    I can so relate to this!!
    1968 days ago
    Wow, this is really insightful. I think a lot of people on spark (myself included!) have a hard time explaining the empty feeling or the feeling of not being completely full. Sometimes, it's boredom. Sometime (worst times) you were extremely full, get a tiny bit of space and then immediately fill it up again! It's a terrible cycle and I'm glad you blogged about.
    I had read another blog awhile back from someone else about trying to detect when you're satisfied before you get to the part where you feel full. I find that the times when I eat until I may explode are usually after I've eaten too quickly and haven't given my brain a chance to detect satisfaction before it feels too full. Portion size and filling myself up are my main struggles with food, and it's so hard to slow down for a minute or just stop eating sometimes!

    As far as being snack at work goes, I keep all of my breakfast, lunch and snacks in the break room in my lunchbox. I have to physically get up and pass other people's offices to get to my food. Just an extra deterrent to eating my afternoon snack right after lunch instead of at 2:30!
    1968 days ago
    Example of today: I had some hearty porcupine meatballs with half a steamble thing of Edamame beans as my veggie (since my meat was lower protein than usual) and a single serving of dried apricots as my fruit for lunch. 45 mins later, I was so very, very tempted to grab another handful of apricots. Hungry may not be quite the right word, but I had an appetitie for something and those where there. But I knew that if I grabbed some, I wouldn't stop until the whole bag was finished (5 little servings in there) I toughed it out and 20 mins later the feeling passed. Now I know I'll be good until I grab an apple near the end of the work day which will keep me good until supper.

    That wasn't even off the full feeling, it gets so much worse then. All I can think about is grabbing a handful of anything for a snack. Gum and coffee tend to help me in those situations.
    1968 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/5/2012 12:57:16 PM
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