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Plan of attack for dr ordered 14 day "rest"

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Last night I took aqua zumba and I loved it!!!!!! I plan on going back for sure!

Today I plan on walking the dogs. I may decide to ride the bike at the gym, but I have to pack, do homework, make Christmas gifts and get reeady for the 8 hour train ride tomorrow!

Thursday: complete rest day. Working until 1, car ride to train station, 8 hour train ride and we get in at 9pm.

Friday- wakling with Azali in our old beautiful neighborhood.

Saturday: Walking!!

Sunday: Walking! I think we are going to San Francisco to see the Christmas lights.

Monday: Another rest day. Work until 12 and then our train leaves at 2 and we don't get in until 7:30. 2 hour car ride home. SLEEP! And I have a new class starting this day.

Tuesday- aqua zumba and walk the dogs

Wednesdsay- Walk the dogs. Dinner and movie with Yadi.

Thursday- walk the dogs. Taking Azali to see a Snow White Christmas play.

Friday the 14th- walk the dogs. RETURN TO RUNNING!. Christmas lights with kiddos!

Saturday- Vegas walking.

Sunday- walking

Monday- family visiting so trip to Disneyland. Walking.

Tuesday the 18th. Dentist apts for Azali and I. DVD at night (bosu?)

Wednesday: Azali dr apt- running at the gym afterwards

Thursday 20th- running and from then on out I can return to running.

I have decided that there is no shame in not running the entire half marathon in January. Between the surprise pregnancy, the miscarriage, and this hurt ankle, I ended up having to take about 75 days off of my run training. Running a 5k isn't a problem, but running 13.1 miles straight? That is just not feasible for me right now. It is something that I am really struggling with because I wanted to run it and beat the time I ran the OC half marathon in. But you know what? I'm my own worst critic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with walking and running a half. This is what I would tell anyone that asked me for my opinion. So why am I taking it so hard? I was really doing well increasing the amount of time that I can run and I really wanted to run the race with my best friend, kathy (lotusflower). But we can start together and when I finish she will be there and we will have finished the Tinkerbell Half! And, we get to meet each other for the first time in years!!!!!!!! All this time being best friends and we've never met. That is what is really important....we are doing this amazing and fun race together. Besides, walk, run, or walk/run I'm still going to finish the damn thing! Oh and team sparkle is in the house! I'm wearing a gunmetal grey skirt and she's running in a green skirt. I have my outfit all ready (it's one of my Christmas presents from my family) and I bought our skirts already. So very exciting!!!!!!! So my message to all of you out there thinking you can't do a half marathon because you can't run it....phewy! Can you walk 13.1 miles? Heck yes you can!!!!! And you know what? Halfs are FULL of people that are walking, running, or a combination of the two. I am a slooooooow runner so I'm usually in the back of the pack anyway. The point is.....I had to take time off because of that unexpected female issue and now because of my hurt ankle.'s not like Im losing my leg or anything. I just need to rest. So I'm disappointed I can't run the full thing, but I'm still going to do the best that I can!

I wanted to give special thanks to Kathy and Diane for really giving me support the weekend that I found out I had to take time off. I was kind of a mess and they texted me and gave me so much love and support. I don't know what I would do without you girls!

And a great big thanks to my Sunny Gals for always being so encouraging! I love you gals!
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    I used to be able to run and I had to have an ankle and both knees rebuilt. I can NO LONGER RUN, but I take definite pride in walking my half marathons, marathons and triathlons. No shame in walking and you still beat everyone that does not get off the couch.
    1962 days ago
    Looks like you've got a great plan worked out. I've done a half marathon before with a mix of walking and running. I know it's a disappointment but I'm glad that you've come to terms with it and are going to do it the way you need to do it at this point in time. Awesome!
    1962 days ago
    It's okay if you are tough on yourself, because you are surrounded by people who are really proud of all of your hard work and success.
    1962 days ago
    Wow sorry that posted three times my iPad is acting up lol you can delete the extras
    1962 days ago
    There is absolutely No shame in walking and running it!!!! You are right, you are harder on yourself, we all are!! But you are going to finish and that is what is important! Not how long it takes, not how you get there, but that you get there. And I will be there to cheer you on!!! I cannot wait, I've told so many people how we haven't met and its been years, it is just going to be amazing!!!

    I love you and will always be here for you just like you are here for me.
    1962 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear you have to take time off...I know how much that can make you feel like things aren't going like planned. I have a friend who just walked a half marathon... she doesn't run.

    Kudos to you!

    Aqua Zumba... sounds very intriguing. :)
    1963 days ago
    There is definitely no shame in walking some of it! I doubt I will ever be able to run a full 13.1 miles without taking some walking breaks, and I think it still counts as doing it if you walk a few times. Don't hurt yourself - you dont' want to be out for two months instead of 2 weeks, you know?

    I love that you discovered aqua zumba!
    1963 days ago
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