Running....A Form of Torture

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

They said, 'come run with us....it will be fun'...NOT!

They said, 'run until you go to your happy place'...no such place!

A few entries back, I mentioned that running is not a passion of mine. Running is not even something I 'like'. But, I have set a goal that includes running which I have every intention of accomplishing. And if that means that I will have to run to do it, then that's what I will do...even if I hate it!

Why do I dislike running so much, you ask?

Remember my father, my 1st trainer, and how we didn't spend as much time together the older I became? Well, my father decided one summer that we were going to train together. So, he devised a training program for us both...of which running was a component.

The 1st and only run we completed occurred on a very hot and humid July. My father had mapped a 2.5 mile route in a mountain near our home. Just to put this into perspective...I was a preteen who didn't 'run' more than what I would do in games of tag and hide and go seek...have I dated myself? Lol!

So, my dad dragged me up to the mountain one day at lunchtime. Yeah, the hottest part of the day! Instead of starting me on a nice, flat surface to ease me into this running thing, he threw me right into a rigorous run over uneven terrain with many hills. And if that wasn't bad enough, I was dressed in long-sleeved/pants sweats. Yes, my dad was an 'old school trainer' that believed that you weren't working out if you weren't perspiring by the bucket! At least he stop short of wrapping me in plastic! Lol. Needless to say, I had had enough of running by the time we hit mile one...and was so angry with my father (as only a preteen can be) by mile 2 that I made up my mind NEVER to run again!

Fast forward to today...

As I have matured, I realized that sometimes I have to do things I do not necessarily want to do if I want to attain my goals. Early this year when I was searching for a new fitness goal and stumbled across this thing called obstacle racing, I committed to finally incorporating running into my fitness routine. But the road has not been a smooth one.

I started by incorporating running in my weekly 4-mile walks...working my way up to jogging for a little more than half the distance. Then there are the runs that are part of my CrossFit WODs (workouts of the day). Some days, I think that running is not that bad and am pleased with my overall progress. Other days, it becomes the worst form of torture, and I think I have lost my mind to have signed up for a race! :-)

But because I am determined to finish my race, I will suck up my displeasure and keep running. I will work through my bad form and improper breathing until I run like a seasoned veteran. I will keep running until I find that elusive 'happy place'...or at the very least until I finish my race!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've never been much of a runner either. Just didn't like it and wasn't interested in liking it. Then, a few years ago, in my previous SP incarnation, I decided I needed to up the intensity of my walks. Which meant the occasional bit of jogging. The first time I "ran" a quarter mile, I was hooked. Because I had to challenge myself to run a half mile; then a mile.

    I still don't "like" running, but I definitely "LOVE" the challenge!

    Keep going!
    2027 days ago
    I, too, hope to eventually compete in an obstacle race. And I have NEVER enjoyed running. Of course, I never enjoy housecleaning either, b/c my mom was never satisfied with the tasks she would give me as a kid. I could never measure up. The fact that you go back to that memory with your dad could be a clue that you need to disconnect your running goals of today from the memories of decades ago. Or not. Just remember you are doing this for YOU and not anyone else.
    I like your sense of humor about it all.
    Here's to your goals! May they all be met with triumph!
    2027 days ago
    Can't wait to hear about your race! I entered my first one a little over 2 years ago and now I am hooked. Good job!
    2028 days ago
    One bad experience will make it so much harder. Make sure you design your running experiences so they are positive.
    2028 days ago
    Great blog. I think your attitude is going to get you to that finish line. emoticon
    2028 days ago
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