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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Been awhile since I blogged.....or anything..... I fell off track yet again, gaining almost 8 pounds.

I've been thinking a lot about WHY I eat. My two main issues are: self control and mindset. Those are the big ones that I can't seem to get right.

I was looking at the OA website and decided to go to a meeting with my coworker. It was about the HOW program (abstaining from sugar, etc)....and how its easier to be structured, then to keep giving in to binges and falling off for awhile....which I do. I know myself. If I give up every single piece of junk food, that will bring on more I just don't see how it is realistic.

Their very first step is: Admitting that I am POWERLESS over food.

POWERLESS..... I hate that word. I feel that I am not POWERLESS over anything. I have a choice. Nothing is powerless when there is a higher power (God) surrounding me at all times. POWERLESS just seems like giving in, completely giving up and admitting food has won.

I don't accept this. Am I looking at this wrong? Do I need OA? I go on binges. I have a hard time controlling myself. I eat mindlessly. But am I POWERLESS?

Any feedback? Anyone else go to these before?
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    If you keep having binges, it is time to admit you are powerless over food. They aren't saying you can't deal with it, and you said that with God you can do it. Well, that's the whole point - you can't but God, or your Higher Power, can. It is about giving up control, which is what you lose whenever you have a binge. The support in OA HOW is amazing, some of the folks can be over the top, but there are some really knowledgeable folks too. Nope, choosing to eat mindlessly for SOME people isn't a choice. If you keep losing the choice, then it might be time to reconsider. Of course, everyone is an individual. As they say, OA isn't for everyone who needs it, just the ones who want it. There is no one to force you. You may want to read the first couple of steps and see if maybe there isn't more in common with people who have found it helpful. I'd never been exposed to 12 programs before and really argued about it, but then over time started to see the truth - for me. I also never believed I could give up sugar and wheat, but can't believe how much better I felt when eating that way. Once I gave up the sweeteners as well, the cravings went. I think SP is great because it is also about support, so choose what works for you. But if you're having binges, it isn't working.
    1910 days ago
  • BEE4357
    I went to an OA meeting and had the same reaction as you. I feel like if I start saying, "Well, I can't control it," I'll just be even worse. And yeah.... The group leader mentioned something about giving up all binge foods. If I gave up every food I binge on, I would be stuck eating nothing but spinach and tofu. I know I personally don't have a *food* addiction. I have an *eating* addiction, and, from what I saw, OA is not really equipped to help me handle that.
    1930 days ago
    Thank you for all of the wonderful and insightful comments!
    1961 days ago
    Believe in YOU, you are WORTH IT, take your POWER and use it to the best of your abilities, you are in control, you are accountable for your actions, you are not POWERLESS. There'll be times when we feel powerless, but at the end of the have a choice to make, to be what you want to be! So come on, you can do this!
    1961 days ago
    I don't know if I agree with the word powerless altogether. In one way you are powerless to control yourself from binging. It is comparable to an alcoholic convincing them self that they can have only one sip and quit whenever they want. However you are not powerless to quit and stick with it. You can learn to live a healthier life and improve your weight.
    1961 days ago

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    You have the power within you. Understanding what and why is the first step. Then you have to choose to take control. Because, honestly, choosing to eat mindlessly is also a choice. I've been caught in that trap too. And when I gain, it's because I stopped controlling my food, my exercise, my choices. And then when I rededicate myself, the weight comes back off. So take back your power and make the best choices you can for yourself. I believe in you.
    1961 days ago
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