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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I don't have internet access at home anymore, so that has significantly cut down on my sparktime :(. That is OK though, I've been reading a lot more and the apartment is always clean now! I also lost two pounds over the last week, wich is 11 down since the middle of September, which equals just about a pound a week. I am really happy with the slow and steady pace. This is exactly what I wanted, and am really, really happy to be on track with my goal in this area. I've noticied that overall, to pinpoint my days, I am eating less and moving more. I know that is the key to success, and that seems to be what I am doing. I find ways to be busy, I've been waking up early, and stay moving most everyday, all day, and drink tons of water. I am also exercising in traditional ways, and recently bought a yoga video to add to my routine. I am excited to start doing this on a regular basis, yoga always makes me feel so good.

My bunny is doing really good, he is such an adorable part of our household. I think Tim and I are completely smitten with him. He is getting bigger and can jump onto the couch now! I came home from work on Saturday, and there was Tim, watching TV, with the bunny fast asleep on his lap. There aren't many things cuter to me than my big, strong hubby, sitting, petting a sleeping little bunny. Too darn cute!

I spent my day off yesterday in Sacramento, had a lot of fun in thrift stores over there. They have the very BEST thrift stores over there, too much fun. I found a nice fake leather jacket, and I passed it up because it was a little bit too small, I now wish I would have picked it was exactly what I wanted and soon I'll be able to zip it up!! Oh, well, maybe next time! I did get some nice, leather slip ons, that I'm wearing today. I must admit, I might be a little thrift addicted at the moment! I rarely spend more than $20.00 a week, but I have been going almost every week. I think it is fun, like I said, I used to spend that much or more on junk/fast food a week, now I'm spending it on fun stuff at a HUGE bargain!

So, I'm not getting swept up in the Christmas halabaloo this year. Since I am an Esoteric Christain, this season has a lot of spiritual meaning for me (yes, I know, Christains stole the holiday from many cultures and claimed it to be the birth of Christ even though no one knows when Christ was actually born). I don't let the chaos of the history of Christianity affect my love for Christ, which is all that really matters to me. So I do spend the season honoring his birth, whenever that wonderful day actually was. Having said that, I am buying any and all presents this year from thrift stores...............I believe in recycling! My mom and hubby may get one new gift, MAYBE! I try so hard to fight the pull of materialism that wafts over us this time of year. It gets easier to fight each year, but sometimes, my old ways seep in and I want to buy, buy, buy junk that no one wants. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not this year. You know, Tim and I went the last three years without buying one another any gifts for anything, Christmas, birthdays, anniversary. We usally go out to eat, and that is about it. Our celebrations occur throughout the year, and we don't have to wait for "special" days to tell eachother how much we love eachother. So, that is my Christmas mini speal. I do love all times of the year, and see the beauty, love and majesty of the whole year...........I just get a little sickened by the materialism of what could be an otherwise beautiful holiday, spent honoring old and rich traditions. To any of you who celebrate this time of year in alternative ways, please share with me what you do. I love to educate myself on what other people/ cultures do to celebrate this time of year.

Well, I'm keeping as sparky as possible, not giving up. I'm not pushing as hard as I could be, but I'm not giving up either. I am happy with my pace of weight loss, and pray that I never give up on my quest for health and happiness. Cheers to all you brave sparkers out there fighting the good fight to live a quality life. Hope this season is full of lots of good things for you, and your loved ones.
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  • LEXIE63
    I approve of your seasonal observations and your thrifty pressie purchasing. A great idea. One that I tend to follow too. And I won't mention that I'm a Druid, so it is my holiday, not yours. ;-) Life's too short to worry about who nabbed what holiday. :-)
    Like you say, it is about the spirit of the season, and we can both feel that in our own way. And that feels good to me. :-)
    Lex xxx
    1960 days ago
    love that top pic! you've found lots of good ones! yes, it really is the materialism that ruins it for me. i hate seeing people who don't have money to waste rush out to buy gifts that no one will remember 3 months from now. i love the idea of going second hand and handmade for gifts that MUST be given...i made a beard beanie for my roommate, hope she likes it!
    1965 days ago
    emoticon on the steady weight loss! Glad you got your Spark back.
    You know, a long time ago I made peace with "Christ"-mas. For me the Winter Solstice or Yule is most important. I get so very, very down with so little light. It starts to get dark here at 3:30 in the afternoon as the sun falls below the trees and hills. The sun sets at 4:30-ish these days, so I am thrilled when the 21st comes around and I revel in welcoming back the sun! I think of Christmas for Christians as their way welcoming the Son's birth, much in the way Pagans welcome the re-birth of the sun.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1966 days ago
    Congrats on loosing the weight! I knew you were rockin' it! Keep up that steady pace! My scale has stopped for the time being. My body is sculpting more and more but the numbers are not reflecting. Ah well, such is life at the moment. I am so happy about your little bun-buns! What is it's name?
    1967 days ago
    I'm sorry you don't have internet but I'm really happy to hear you are ok and doing well. Congrats on the weight loss! You are right on target.

    We call "recycling" gifts mathom gifting. It is when you pass along something you no longer need/use to someone who could benefit from it.
    1967 days ago
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