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Vacation with hubby

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

We had a nice week of warmth in Curacao. We left at 4 am on Sat Nov 24 after no sleep since I had thrown a really nice dinner party on Friday night. We had barbequed back ribs, mashed sweet potato, mixed organic veg, greek salad and what was left of the homemade strawberry/rhubarb pie I had made for hubby the day before. Our guest stayed until midnight, and after they left hubby loaded the dishwasher and then we packed.

The flight lasted all Saturday. We got to our resort at 9:30 pm so I dumped my bag in the lobby and went straight to the restaurant. Hubby and I split an entree of pasta with filet mignon, then we went to check out our room. It was the most inefficient set-up we have ever seen. You enter into a fairly big empty entryway with an alcove to the left holding a large vanity , sink and bench. A bathroom led off one side of the alcove and the large walk in closet with benches led off the other.

Straight ahead from the door was a narrower passage with the kitchenette in another alcove. There was only a coffee maker, microwave, and small bar fridge - but I had told hubby I didn't need an oven in the heat anyway. There was lots of cupboard space - one for the dishes, glasses, etc they supplied, as well as another that had some glass casseroles, measuring cups etc. There was still plenty of cupboard space for foods, etc. The resort had a shuttle to the supermarket twice a day and we took it several times. We had always had breakfast in the room (we brought our own museli from Costco and coffee from Starbucks). We often had lunch in the room as well. I wanted to go out for dinners, and we made an agreement to split them most nights.

The unit was on a ground floor and the balcony was right beside the ocean. We were so close that if the ocean was a bit rough it came over the balcony and drained through a pipe in the front ledge that the wrought iron was anchored to. The units on either side of us were a bit higher and there was complete privacy from them. We were about 10 feet from the ocean, and after about a 3 ft little yard which was edged in rocks there was a walkway between our yard and the breakwater. It was so beautiful and we never got tired of sitting there watching the ocean, boats, birds and lizards or maybe they were geikos.

The Sunday was cloudy with frequent showers. It was really hot. Hubby and I stayed in a canvas tent with wicker lounge chairs reading all day, and I went for frequent swims. Monday was very sunny. We stayed in the shade except for when I went swimming (I am strictly a pool girl). Needless to say I have never been so burnt in my life. I wore my sunglasses in the pool, so I looked like a racoon. I had asked my hubby frequently if I was burning and he said know I know for sure the man is colour blind, but it doesn't help. lol

Tuesday we went into the main town of Willemstad. It was just beautiful. The island is Dutch which means that the drinking water is completely safe (and by extension the fruits and veggies which are washed in it) and there are a lot of social programs. There is no really bad poverty as the government provides very nice, affordable housing for low-income families. The families pay very affordable rent based on their income for 25 years and then have the option to buy their house for a nominal fee that they can afford. Many of the older low income houses have been fixed up to middle class standard houses. Oh, that is the other good thing, the low income housing is integrated into all neighborhoods (except of course for the very rich), so when the people own them they can put on additions, etc and the houses don't really stand out. All the houses are beautifully painted bright colours.

Hubby and I took a tour of the island and the liquor factory. Then we started exploring the town, but first we had lunch and hubby got food poisoning from these horrible dutch meatballs. Actually I don't know if the food was bad or just something that disagreed with hubby as he has a very delicate stomach and starts throwing up at the drop of a hat. Although we shared the lunch, I took one bit of my meatball and spit it into my serviette. I asked the waitress if they were supposed to be so soft and she said yes, so I was quite rude spitting but at least not sick! :) We got back to the hotel around 4 and no dinner that night so that was a cheap day.

Wednesday we spent at the resort, reading and swimming. We had taken the morning shuttle to the grocery and I had finally picked up sun screen and aloe vera, so I slathered myself all day and had a great time.

Thursday we took a cab to tour Hato Cave which of course hubby enjoyed more than I. Then hubby went off to explore by himself while I returned to swim and read at the resort. I really wanted to spend as much time as I could just swimming and enjoying the heat.

Friday was another day enjoying the resort. By the end of the day both hubby and I were sunned and heated out. We checked the security cameras at the house and there were all kinds of cat prints through the snow. Snow was looking pretty good to us by this point. lol

I put on weight while on vacation although neither hubby nor I see how. We had museli every morning for breakfast. Lunch was a bun with salami and cheese. Dinners we both tried to behave as hubby watches his weight like a hawk and if he gains 2 or 3 pounds he just stops eating until they are gone. Saturday night we split the pasta dish, so it wasn't very big. We split a very small piece of cake for dessert as I wanted to try the tropical fruit mousse between it's layers. Sunday we took a shuttle to a steakhouse on the top of the highest hill on the island. Beautiful view, but again we split a steak that wasn't overly big (not more than 10 oz total which we split). Again we split a small dessert, but it wasn't very good so we didn't bother to eat it as it wasn't worth the calories. Monday we took a shuttle to a french restaurant. We have always found french restaurants to be very pricy and the portions very small so we each had our own appetizers. I had a small Cesar salad. Then we each had our own entree, but really they were very small and I doubt we could split them. Hubby had a small (MAYBE 5 oz filet mignon) and I had a small grilled mahi mahi fish fillet. We skipped dessert. Tuesday hubby was sick, so I had a bun with cold cuts and a late evening snack of museli and milk. Wednesday we shared a very thin skirt steak at the resort, and again skipped dessert, although we split a house salad at the beginning of the meal. Thursday we took a taxi to a very small fish restaurant where the locals eat because I wanted to try conch. I really liked the conch, but it wasn't deep fried or anything greasy. We split a small cup of the local flan for dessert. Friday we each had a burger and fries. I really needed meat. I did not eat many of the fries, maybe 5 or 6 as they were not that good. In the evening we went to a really nice restaurant and split an entree of pork medallions on pasta. It was not very large, 2 medallions on 1/2 cup of pasta, but very elegant and well presented. Hubby had a dessert coffee, I had my regular black coffee. I also had one cocktail per day most days.

I don't know why I put on weight. Hubby has not lived with me since early September but he didn't know why I gained weight either. He really watches what I eat when we are together and he doesn't think that I should be gaining weight either. I always eat less than him and he is not overweight.

Before my son had his surgery for the brain tumor we were dealing with a number of cysts on my thyroid. We had gone to the U.S. for a biopsy that was inconclusive. Then I was called in for a biopsy in Canada that was also inconclusive. My hubby wants me to call the doctor and follow up the thyroid issue. I don't want to make excuses for myself, but it did feel better having hubby with me, watching what I eat and assuring me that I am not overeating. My faith in the medical system is low to non-existant because of my son's experiences, but I will go for a checkup. It is very discouraging to continue to gain weight, so I will try to follow up with the doctor.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Fantastic! As for the weight... if it is not a lot could it just be the change in water, flight etc? I have a friend in Ottawa though who has had serious thyroid problems so it does not hurt to follow this through.
    3107 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4274730
    What a great holiday! I gain weight on carbs no matter what...even if I count every calorie and don't eat over. I still gain! It would be nice to maintain or lose on vacation, but it is also called vacation for a reason! I hope your thyroid turns out ok.
    3115 days ago
    What fun you and hubby must of had. When I had my hubby was alive and before he got sick we had lots of fun.
    Watch what and how much you eat now and it will come back off. Men can eat more then women without gaining. emoticon
    3115 days ago
  • ELLIE381
    So happy you had such a nice vacation Shirley. Nice to have you back.
    3115 days ago
    It sounds like a nice vacation. The food sounded good. I hope you don't have thyroid trouble. Maybe you are just eating a trigger - some food that stalls you or causes weight gain. Pasta, bread, and cereal are triggers for me.
    3115 days ago
    Sounds like a great time. You needed a break
    3116 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I'm glad you had a nice time.

    As for the weight gain, sometimes eating unusual foods can cause gain, in water retention etc, or the sodium in restaurant foods can do the same.
    3116 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    A nice holiday Shirley, thanks for sharing with us.
    Too many things for me to make comments, I'm glad you got in lots of swimming and sunning, that's relaxing.
    I'm sorry about the weight gain, I know you try hard all the time to lose. It's good that hubby is supportive.
    3116 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12293198
    Sounds like a great holiday!
    3116 days ago
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