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Monday, December 03, 2012

Ever notice that when you miss a night of sleep it takes alot longer than 1 night to make it up? Whew! Ever since my night of no sleep the other night I have been exhausted. I've been sleeping again too! Today I am tired though because I did 110 minutes of exercise! I feel pleasantly sleepy tonight. My muscles are all a bit sore though.

I went and oversaw my support group this morning. It was small. It is pay day for alot of the group members who are on disability, food stamps, etc., so that is probably why. It was good though. The men who showed up really had some insightful things to say. I came home and did my fitness walk/jog. Cool that I can walk/jog in my house! I did some work on my online classes and set my alarm so I could get up every hour and do today's Quick Fire Challenge which was dumbbell side bends. I did some more without dumbbells once I got to Curves. I did a fairly good Curves Workout and then went to Belly Dance! Again, I say whew!

My MIL had her pacemaker put in today. As one of my wonderful Spark friends pointed out in my last blog, the pacemaker will not help with her A-fib. She has to be on a medication for the A-fib and that medications makes her heart rate drop very low as well as her blood pressure. This is exactly what ended her up in the hospital last time (October). The pacemaker is to keep her heart rate from dropping too low. It acts as sort of a basement so her HR will not drop below 60. That is good b/c when she had episodes like that she was just completely worn out and weak. I think she is adapting to the idea of the pacemaker now and hopefully the procedure she had done will help and she will see results in 6 to 8 weeks. Meanwhile, they did have to shock her heart back into rhythm today. She's still complaining, so that is good!

I'm tired so I'm going to bed. I will do all home workouts tomorrow.
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