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Advent Challenge 2 & 3

Monday, December 03, 2012

ACCM: December 2, Food

At Zeddo's house there were always lots of fruits and nuts. And Christmas wasn't Christmas without figs. Zeddo (Slovak for grandfather) had a nutcracker and bowl on the dining room table. And of course there was always the Kolache – nut rolls.

When we still lived in town, Mom and Daddy went to a neighbor's house and left David and me on our own. We ate every bit of the peanut butter fudge Mom had made. Boy, were we ever sick!!! To this day I am not overly fond of peanut butter and REALLY have to be in a mood for it. Mom continued to make her special fudge each Christmas, but Dave and I left it alone!

At one point I talked to my Aunt Millie about Christmas memories. She added this from when she was a child:

On Christmas Eve, dinner always had to be at 6PM. Zeddo and Buba –Slovak for grandmother always gave the blessing and all held hands and said the Lord's Prayer in Slovak. Buba served pirohy filled with either potato and/or cheese, and stewed prunes. She also had something called Bobolky. On the table with the dried fruits, figs, and nuts, would be hard candy, long candles and a dish that contained flour and cloves of garlic to ward off bad spirits in the coming year.

In later years, Aunt Millie added Clam Chowder to the menu and Aunt Yo added fish.

It became tradition when I was a teen for all of my paternal aunts, uncles, and cousins to come to our house after midnight mass. My mother always had turkey and ham for sandwiches along with condiments, olives, pickles, and chips.

One of the food traditions my brother carried over was the figs. He's also continued saying "Christmas isn't Christmas without figs".

My Aunt Millie taught me how to make the Kolache and I continue to use her recipe.


ACCM: December 3, Christmas Tree Ornaments

My tree still has four ornaments on it each year that Mom used when we were kids. I also have two plastic boots and a plastic Santa that originally held suckers. These are from when we were kids, too. I believe Cliff Wilson, Daddy's partner at the Sheriff's Dept., gave them to us. I can remember them when we still lived on Atlantic Street.

My mama was a teacher and received a lot of ornaments from her students. I use a few of those that she had kept. She retired in 1974, so that would be the newest one from her ornaments. I also have some handmade ornaments that have been given to me or I made myself. Our local art guild sells a different Christmas ornament each year that has a local scene on it done by a local artist. I have the entire series, up until this year. I'll be getting that one soon.


I am very happy I can across this challenge. It is giving me a chance to revisit some very happy memories. I hope some of my Spark friends have decided to follow along. once more, here is the link to the challenge: adventcalendar.geneablog

May each of you have a lovely tomorrow.
Peace Love and Joy to all

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