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Monday, December 03, 2012

I have been sick! Its been before I changed my diet, so I haven't have a cold, flu, cough, or anything since before May of this year, so 7 months.

AND I am a big whiney cry baby about it too! I'm sick! My throat hurts, I think my voice will be gone soon, I even came home from work early!

Weekends are usually tough for me, I work full time and I do all the errand running and a good deal of the housework so on top struggling with what I eat vs. what I SHOULD eat, I am pretty worn out and catch up on a lot of z's on Sundays.
But this weekend...I think it started out as an allergic reaction...I am allergic to cats, dogs, dust, grass, etc, You know....life!
I have a cat, but she is short haired and spends most of the time outside, She doesn't even have a litterbox in the house, and since being diagnosed with asthma, we have purchased 2 air scrubbers, one in the livingroom and one in the bedroom. Well, Friday, we had to clear out my son's apartment and...have you ever seen the show 'Hoarders'?
Ok, it may not have been THAT bad, but there was nothing put in a drawer or closet, there was trash all over the floor along with clothes and cathair everywhere (his cat has long hair), full litterboxes and where do cats go when the box is full? Everywhere they can.

I started at the back of the apartment and swept every thing to the front and anything that he did not pick up and save before I got there went into the trash. The power has been off over there for about 3 weeks and although they have been living over here since then, they never went over and cleared out the fridge. Everything in it went into the trash as well as about half of the dishes. The fridge was the one thing that I could not handle, I made him and his girlfriend do it. I knew his apartment was messy, but really didn't know HOW bad it was. I came home in the middle of cleaning and cried. I am so worried that there is something really wrong with him and not just the fact that the years he spent with his dad were not filled with housekeeping tips.
With them being over here, the rules have been laid down. If he cannot or will not take care of his cat and catbox, we will find her a new home. They also have chores to do here also. First, it helps me out, and because it will (hopefully) help them learn better habits.

Ugh, back on track! So, I think all the dust, cat hair, and who know what else kicked my allergies, and they, in turn, decided to kick me right in the face and throat!
I was reduced to buying soup for the day on my way in to work, the warmth feels so good on my throat. Don't get me wrong, I love soup, but it doesn't stick with you for long, I have eaten 3 cans today and shudder to think of my sodium intake. I tried to bulk up the last can I ate with an egg and some crackers....so far, so good, but its only been about an hour and a half since I ate.

I did indulge in birthday cake and ice cream for my birthday the other day...and all weekend long. We didn't get a big cake for my birthday, I knew better than to do that and I did watch my portion size when I had some. The ice cream is another story. Part of it is because of my throat, but mostly its because I am a sucker for ice cream!
I had a good run of 12 days exercise streak but lost it yesterday. My goal is still 365 miles from Dec 1, 2012 and Dec 1 2013. I am in serious doubt that my sinus', throat, and chest could handle a brisk anything right now, but as soon as I can breathe, I will be at it again.

My first goal of a 5k is done....10k next up!
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    1994 days ago
    Not sure if I would of been brave enough to weather that storm of mess in your son's apartment; eeek! I hope he appreciated the help. I agree with another commenter that taking care of yourself is top priority and I am glad that you are doing just that. Can't wait till you reach 10K status emoticon emoticon
    1994 days ago
    Good for you for taking care of yourself! That should always be your #1 priority!

    1995 days ago
    Sorry you are feeling so badly. I totally feel your pain. I too am allergic to "life". I even had an allergist tell me that if I would "just quit breathing" it would solve all my allergy problems.

    You are a better person than me to go an clean up after your son like that! I have helped my daughters move several times (and they both have cats too - thank goodness for short hair) but although they are somewhat messy they usually try to clean up before I come over.

    I really do hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun! Here's some OJ and a nice cup of herbal tea to help you feel better! emoticon emoticon
    1995 days ago
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