I'm Making a List and Checking it in... 2 Months Time

Monday, December 03, 2012

Before I set out to lose weight, I recorded my weight, took photos of myself at all angles, took measurements in both imperial and metric units, had blood work, cholesteral and blood pressure taken, did a fitness test (more like lack of fitness at the time) and had my body fat measured.

I am a stat-loving kind of girl. What can I say? More than that, I wanted the jaw-dropping, guy from Subway holding his jeans a good foot in front of him, smug before and after shots of a person who could empirically prove every step of her journey from day 1.

What I didn't document and I'm kicking myself now, was how I used to feel. Not how I felt emotionally, that's what this blog is for. I mean how I used to feel physically, detailing each malady as if it were a measurement. Trust me, not so long ago there was a seriously long list that ranged from the trivial (backne) to the potentially disasterous (palpitations, dizziness, deep join aches and insulin problems).

The idea of the list originally came from a blog on recognising wheat intolerance - so those of you who are low-carb or gluten-free will find it very helpful. But even if you don't follow those diets and have transformed yourself by losing weight, exercising and are feeling stronger/faster/sleeker, drinking more water, getting more sleep, dealing better with stress, giving up caffeine, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes or other, you can still make it work for you.

If you haven't done this already, give it a try!

1. Make a list of every complaint that you have suffered from in the past six months, no matter how trivial. You may have to do this retrospectively like me, but be sure to include everything. DO NOT rationalise the complaint. For example, don't write back pain and then put: 'from sitting at my desk all day' or 'bad posture'. Just include it.

2. Put that list away somewhere safe.

3. Pull out list in 2 months, 4 months, or if you can hold off that long, 6 months and see how many of those ailments you can now cross off.

I wish I'd thought of this sooner, but sadly, like a lot of folks, I'd grown used to a life of discomfort and pain. Worst of all, I felt my complaints didn't matter, as ultimately they only pointed to the obvious: it was my own darn fault I was so unhealthy. I let myself get fat. But I never attributed my symptoms to eating the wrong foods in the first place. The list of ailments grew and grew and I still continued ignoring them.

Now, over 2 months later, I can see a lot clearer (both literally and figuratively). I know that while it hasn't been a huge length of time, I'm already forgetting those old complaints because they've simply disappeared! To me a 'before' list of maladies is as important, probably more so, than my photos, measurements and blood work. While all of the other statistics point to specific symptoms, i.e. weight gain, the list of complaints is a true record of how unhealthy and ill I really was.

I hope you consider making your own lists. This will serve two-fold in cataloguing what a truly transformative process you've ha, as well as having something that may defer any potential inclinations of wanting to return to the past. :)
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    Thanks for sharing!


    Smile and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day!
    Melinda (gopintos)
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    3050 days ago
    Excellent idea--I'm going to do it! :)
    3050 days ago
    That's the reason this is my favorite forum post here:


    It's really impressive when you read about how much improvement we've all seen collectively.
    3050 days ago
    GREAT idea!
    3050 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9922996
    There are so many things that get better for me when I avoid wheat and sugar that it makes me feel extra doubly triply INSANE when I trip myself up by returning to it. From skin to eyes to autoimmune issues to stomach problems to joint pain to bloating to depression and anxiety -- a whole host of motivation WELL BEYOND any number on the scale. I'm with you on this 100%!

    3051 days ago
    That's the way to do it. I did not do enough of it either, and I don't need it for myself, but wish I had kept better track because I could have shown it to people who don't believe lifestyle changes will work to get healthy.
    To everyone who is just starting to make changes, keep track, you could save someone's life that way.
    3051 days ago
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