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Long Run Fail? - Maybe Not!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Yesterday I decided to do a 6 mile run. Mostly because the guy I have been seeing is at the point in his running where he needs to start bumping up the miles if he wants to do a HM. I decided I would give it a go, but I wasn't sure I was quite ready for 6 miles yet.

We got a late start, so the sun was up, it was slighly humid and warm - in the 70s. I was moving along at a moderate pace and looked at my Garmin - I was pacing at about 12:44. I felt disgusted that I was going at such a slow pace and yet I felt like I was putting forth a decent effort. As with most runners, the first mile is always a bit slower, and I am still getting back into shape, so I thought I could bump it up to around 11:00. I also didn't want to burn out my BF early since this was going to be the first time he will have gone 6 miles.

Sure enough I felt a bit looser and my breathing was easier at 1 mile so I picked up the pace - to a measly 12:10! I was so disappointed that I was working so hard yet I could not move faster. I know I am healing, but c'mon! I continued running for about 2.6 miles to a little park, where I took about a 5 minute break to walk a little and use the port-o-potty. We continued on to the turn around point, which was around 3.2 miles (we added .2 miles to go to the park). My BF had to stop to dump pebbles out of his shoes, so I had a chance to rest for a few more minutes before starting again.

I managed to get to 3.75 miles, I walked for about .05 miles, then finished up at the 4:00 mark. It was super slow - about 49:00, which is probably the slowest I have ever run 4 miles. I was absolutely exhausted and honestly could have laid down on the ground and slept. My BF ran ahead for awhile, but he came back and walked with me. I told him to go ahead, but he insisted to walk - I think I looked pretty beat and he didn't want to leave me behind. We mostly walked the last 2 miles, but did a couple of .1 to .25 mile jogs. The 6 mile "run" took us about 1.5 hours.

We got back to my house, cleaned up and had a wonderful breakfast of steak, potato & egg scramble, tart cherry juice, oranges, and bagels. I was still dragging so I decided to lay down for a half hour and maybe a 20 minute snooze. Well, that turned into a 2 hour nap! I also had a good 8 hour sleep the night before, so I guess I really needed it.

After I got up, I was still feeling pretty down about how horrible that run was, but then I realized that even though yesterday's 4 mile run was slower than my previous 4 mile run, I actually felt better yesterday. I am trying to figure out how to continue rebuilding, so I think I am going to do 1 to 1.5 miles of fartleks tomorrow, 3 easy miles on Thursday, 2 moderate miles on Friday and go for another 4 on Sunday with the goal of running the whole thing and finishing faster than 49:00! I have to keep reminding myself: baby steps for now! At least my legs don't seem to be having an issue with my running - it's mostly cardio, and I know that will come back relatively quickly.

So, while I felt that my long run was a Fail, I have to take the wins where I can, and I think I got a little win in there.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Carolyn, it's more important to ease back in than to worry about speed or distance. You just went through a physically and emotionally stressful time - it's not like you just stopped running b/c you got busy. So, there is healing AND acclimation. It's very positive that your legs feel good and it's just the cardio. That will come back quickly since you were in such good shape before.

    I'm glad Ben is thinking about a half marathon!
    2023 days ago
  • BILL60
    Time is not as important as finishing, and you did that. Congratulations!! Hang tough because it'll all come back.
    2024 days ago
    It's not a fail if you are learning from the experience, and it sounds like you have taken some good lessons from it. And you did 6 miles one way or another...sounds like a win to me!
    2024 days ago
    Sounds like you're at least making progress!
    2024 days ago
  • ACTIVE_AT_60
    Because of your 'medical condition' - I think you need to realize you are deconditioned and need a fair amound of re-conditioning and building up your stamina. - I think what you did was remarkable. You did it (run) and that is the most important.
    2024 days ago
    If you ran any part if it then it wasn't a Fail.
    If you didn't re-injure or aggravate your injury then it wasn't a Fail.
    If you got to spend time RUNNING with someone whose company you enjoy then it wasn't a Fail.
    emoticon on a good run! :)
    2024 days ago
  • JLITT62
    It's hard when you've lost conditioning, but you'll get there! And that would be a FAST run for me, so I'm totally envious.
    2024 days ago
    I'm in a similar boat.. but I've embraced it, and am just doing intervals. But, I'm increasing both running time, and distance at the same time.

    Keep it up. You can do it!
    2024 days ago
    I agree with lightningrunner, at least you got out there. Maybe it was not realistic to think you were ready to go that far yet. you will be back to your old self before you know it.
    2024 days ago
    At least you got out there.
    2024 days ago
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