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Monday, December 03, 2012

Hi all,

I am really doing well with my weight right now and I am so excited to watch that scale moving downward. I only have two more weigh-ins before my hip surgery and I may be within ten pounds of that goal weight when December 17 gets here. This is a big deal and is enough to help me stay motivated and hold on to my momentum. Anyway, I lost 1.8 pounds this week (YAY)

It has been a busy week and the coming one will be even more busy. I have spent today at the kids' winter choir concert, selling soy candles and goat milk soap as a fundraiser for Marissa's trip to Dallas in March, at the emergency room with Megan and working on homework and studying for my final in a week and a half at every open moment today. I didn't even finish sparking because I was working so hard. I have a lot to memorize for that final and this big paper is due this week. I am collecting samples of dialogue and am short three of them because I haven't been around people either speaking in euphemisms or in gender-oppositional comments to complete my work. I have one rather nasty sample of the latter and none of the former to go along with the other 8 varieties that were part of the assignment. As soon as I have them, I have to document them in written form along with explanations and definitions. It will be a long paper, I'm afraid.

The exam involves phonetics, the international phonetic alphabet, and the way different phonemes are created with our mouths. It is a lot of memorization and I really don't like memorizing something for a test. If I know where to get an answer and how to figure it out, that should be enough. I will do my best, but if I lose part of a grade over not devoting enough time to mindless memorization, so be it. I'm back in school to learn and not to earn grades.

The kids' winter concert was awesome and I enjoyed it as always. Marissa had a solo with the women's choir this year. It was a lot different than her usual solos because it was at a much lower pitch. I am thinking that her director is helping her to expand her range in doing this. She did beautifully, but I also missed her awesome soprano range in this solo. The amazing thing is that she doesn't seem to strain to reach any notes--it is part of her ability and skill along with the passion she shows in her singing. It is far more mature than any of her same-aged peers in the choir. Micah was visibly nervous--he has such anxiety issues when he performs. The doctor who treats his Aspergers gave him a prescription of meds to take prior to performances and at least he doesn't get physically sick anymore. When I watch him squirm, it breaks my heart--but he insists that he wants to do this. It is funny because he does none of that when performing at church. I guess that is the difference in the audience for him.

I just realized that miles should be completing his auto-diesel mechanics program in the next couple of weeks. He told me that they don't get to "graduate" because mechanics programs are "different." Hmm, I think that completed an 18-24 month program deserves some kind of recognition, but I will be satisfied with knowing he did it and watching him find a position in his chosen career. He currently works in a hardware store that he loves, but it isn't a career and I jope that he will take time from his job to look for that position soon.

As for me, I have appointments on 8 of the 10 work days in the two weeks before my surgery with Fridays being free. It is going to be a whirlwind. We had a mini-wrapping party with Megan's help after school on Thursday and a much bigger one Saturday morning with Marshall, Micah, Mitchell and Laura's help while my husband was at work. I haven't quite finished my shopping yet and am waiting for several gifts to arrive that I ordered, but everything to date is wrapped except for Mitchell and Laura's gifts which I will do in spare minutes Thursday or Friday. We have the Christmas tree up and decorated.

Anyway, my countdown is here. I have exactly 14 more days until my hip surgery and that makes is 21 days until Christmas> I would like to lose 2.6 more pounds by the 17th. That will make it time for me to set a new goal--after my new hip is in place and the differences in my weight after the surgery. I will be entering 2013 new and improved--new eyes and a new hip, goal weight in sight. emoticon

Gentle hugs,
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  • _LINDA
    Well done! That is awesome you can hold to a weight loss in the midst of the worst temptations of the year!
    It is a shame they still have rote memory work. This day and age you can look anything up making it waste of time. Good luck with it!
    That is wonderful Marissa can handle a range of singing. Would have loved to have heard her and Micah. Congratulations to Miles! Perhaps you can make a graduation ceremony with your big family :)
    All the best with your too busy week!
    1995 days ago
    You have a lot to get done before the surgery deadline. I amp praying that you do well on the test and get everything accomplished you want to.
    1995 days ago
    You're doing great Sylvia!!!!
    1995 days ago
    I am so happy for you...you can do it!
    I love the background on your Spark Pages! Such cute puppies!
    1995 days ago
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