Keeping My Committment

Sunday, December 02, 2012

I just completed my 1st Challenge and it's a great jump-start & it's been a great way for me to make/keep my committment to living a healthier lifestyle. I find participating in a Challenge helps me to be more accountable to myself and others. It's helped me not to accept excuses as well. There were days that I didn't feel like getting on my treadmill, but when I thought of my team-mates...I didn't want to let them down so even if I walked for only 15 minutes...it made me feel better about myself and also to know that I was in control and didn't let excuses control me.
The middle of November I received some scary news...my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Normally before the challenge I would have turned to food for comfort, but my new-found stregnth & determination through the challenge kept me on track and I maintained making wise food choices, exercising & losing weight.
Even through Thanksgiving and my daughters surgery this week (successful & benign THANK GOD) I kept my focus on being healthy and staying strong for myself and my family. Life is a choice and how we live it...making healthy choices is in our control. I've found there is so much empowerment in making good decisions and the added benefit are the results...physically feeling better and looking better. This has been a big key to unlocking my struggle with weight-loss...I am in control! I choose...and I choose to be healthy so that I have a "new" life filled with confidence, happiness & health. Having these things in my life enables me to do a better job of loving myself & others. :-) Ultimately, in my opinion, that's what life is all about. :-)
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