My Holiday Plan

Sunday, December 02, 2012

We all know that eating with others at a party or when we can't control out food is hard, but that doesn't mean it is impossible. My point-of-view is I'm not going to do all my hard work that I've put in to be undone by one day's worth of poor eating. Nowadays it takes a month for me to lose 2 do I really want to gain that back and be set back? NO NO NO NO NO....a thousand times NO!

This concept is what I use to help me get through temptations. I also keep my phone handy and use the SparkPeople app to track as I go...that way I know if I'm getting close to my calorie limit. I also ask the party host in advance what food will be there so I can get a good grasp on serving sizes and calorie amounts in advance.

So before you think that you are just going to give in to all those temptations because its NOT possible to eat healthy at a holiday feast, THINK AGAIN! There are always ways around it, modifications you can make to the food that is out, serving sizes, pick out part of the food, etc...YOU SURVIVE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!!!
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