It is a Mystery

Sunday, December 02, 2012

In the Bible a mystery is not a truth that is hard to understand. It is a truth that was unrevealed previously but now is openly revealed and proclaimed. COl 1:26 The mystery of Christ is that through the Gospel the Gentiles are heirs with Israel, members together of one body and partakers together in the promise of Christ Jesus Eph. 3:6 That God would send His anointed Messiah Christ was no secret in the Old Testament times, it was a prominent theme of Prophecy Isaiah 61:1-3 That the Gentiles would be blessed through Israel and her Messiah was no secret in the Old Testament, It too was a theme of prophesy. Gen 12:3 Isaiah 49: 5-6
That Gentile believers would share as heirs with Israel, be members of one body, and co sharers in the promise, however was never revealed in the Old Testament. It is the mystery of Christ. Eph. 3:4 Rom 16:25 Col 2:2
Other facets of that mystery are the truth of the indwelling Christ, the hope of glory Col 1:27 and the mystery of the translation of the church 1 Cor 15:51-57
Enter into the mystery of Christ now openly revealed.

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