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Day 366- Delicious Recipe!!! With Pics!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Okay, so I took a SparkRecipe and put my own twist on it and it was AMAZING.

It was originally a recipe for Ranch Porkchops and Potatoes.

Well the idea of ranch and pork just rubbed me the wrong way, so instead I bought chicken breasts.

It called for a packet of ranch seasoning mixed with olive oil. I bought Hidden Valley "Fiesta Ranch" for a little extra kick.

The ranch packet said it should be mixed wish sour cream, but the recipe said to mix the dip with 5 Tbsp of olive oil.

I got out the olive oil and was shocked! One tablespoon is 120 calories! And like 15g of FAT!

I looked in the fridge and found some light sour cream which was 35 calories and 1g of fat per Tbsp. So I decided to use 5 Tbsp of that instead.

So I mixed the ranch packet with the sour cream. I put some salt and pepper on the chicken breast then dipped them in the fiesta ranch mix.

I then chopped up some red skin potatoes and also dipped them in the fiesta ranch. They didn't all get coated, but I put them in the pan with the chicken.

I then chopped up about half an onion and put it on top.

That's all the recipe called for.

But then I decided to drizzle some salsa and Mexican cheese on top.

I baked it for about 40-45 minutes at 375.

Here was the finished product!


And when I calculated the recipe the whole thing was around 415 calories after dividing the big dish into about 3 big servings. It would be even less if you made it 4 smaller helpings. I made some corn to go with it and had one of the best dinners I've made in a while! I tracked it yesterday, if you want the exact info.

Anyways... it was great and I felt really accomplished making changes that were healthier like switching out the sour cream for the olive oil. And adding the salsa and cheese which weren't much more but totally helped the flavor.

So tomorrow will be my 1 year anniversary and I'm hoping my weigh in is a good one. I'll have a really great blog tomorrow. So there's something to look forward to. :)

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