Dream weight ? ... in time

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Good evening sparkers, I come to you with some news

25.9 BMI

I could not wait to tell you all that despite a very rested week- two consecutive rest days and light exercise at the start of the week- at my last ever weigh in with my dietitian I lost an additional 2 kg. Thus almost meeting the goal we set out in the beginning, despite the 800 stubborn grams. But I am ok with this.

Right now my bmi is 25.9 but who says it will not be in the normal in a few weeks. Because I have decided to try and continue on my own.

I discovered the term "clean eating" and have been reading about it. I really just think of it more as "healthy eating". Which is what I have been doing all along it seems. It works friends !! it really does. There is no secret to weight loss. I used to think there was and that I needed a miracle. I was mistaken.

The FORMULA is simple:
Healthy food + Balance + Everything in moderation + Consistency + Hydration + Exercise + Prayers (I am a believer) = RESULTS

It depends. I would rather buy clothes or sports gears than food now. Sometimes I treat myself to walnuts, Greek yoghurt, and fruit juice I get from my yoga centre. I HAVE TO TREAT MYSELF or else it would feel like am restricting myself too much then I go INSANE.

DREAM WEIGHT ... is actually 56kg
I am at 57.8kg. It is just a number. I know. Something tells me I can do it if I keep going. I am taking my time, enjoying my journey. May be one day I will get there.

We can do this, Right ?
Love you all
Good Night
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