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Sunday, December 02, 2012


If you enter the link, Jordin Sparks' video will come up...I've been listening to this song over and over the last few days. For some reason it's really making sense right now. I want so much to lose this weight, but I'm having motivation issues. I want so much to get into nursing school, but I'm scared. Why am I dragging my feet lately?

Here's my goals for the next month. Yes, I know that it's going to be a tough month...my birthday is on the 10th, and Christmas and New Years follow shortly after. I just need to remember to take small baby steps with this month and work harder next month.

1. Drink more water. I've gotten really lax about this, and I know it. My body knows it too. My lips are constantly chapped and my muscles are super achy. Time to get back on track.

2. Keep with walking as much as possible...even getting up and taking extra walks during the workday when I can. I start a desk job on the 17th, so I'm a little worried about this one, but I just have to make it a priority.

3. Get the damn candies and sweets out of my house! I am having such a battle with the bag of Halloween candy that my kids got this year...butterfingers...I'm going to have to throw them away when the kids are at school one day and play stupid when they ask where they are.

4. Make a meal plan for the week. When I start this new job, eating breakfast at home is going to be even more important. There's a cafeteria at work, but they cook everything with grease and butter. I'm also going to have to start bringing lunch to work since their idea of a salad is old yellowing iceberg lettuce and two small tomato slices...ugh.

5. Work on giving myself some "me" time. Things are better yet worse with the bf, and I'm starting to have more self esteem issues because of it. I need to make myself a priority. I have to get a whole new wardrobe for this new job (slacks instead of scrubs), and I'm not at a point where shopping for clothes is fun for me. I just need to keep telling myself that yes, there are clothes that will look okay on me. And just because I buy new clothes doesn't mean I have to stay the same weight to fit into those clothes. I'm worth losing the weight.

6. Get through Christmas with at least some money still in my checking account. It happens every year. I end up overspending on my children because I don't want to be the "bad mother." I have three presents (one for each person in my little family) all ready to be wrapped, but I always feel like there should be more. I need to figure out what the bf and I are giving to our parents, too...pretty sure he's not even going to think about them, but I feel it's my responsibility to make sure his mom gets something (even though she doesn't care for me...maybe I'm trying too hard on this one).

7. Figure out what I'm going to do about school. It's getting to that point where I really need to decide what the heck I'm doing with my life. I have all my pre-req's done, but they're going to go to waste if I don't get going on nursing school.

8. Figure out if I still want to be part of the Pink Vikings next year. Do I need to move on, or just take a break from this whole challenge thing? Not really sure what to do about this one, and certainly don't want to offend anyone on my team. This year was my first challenge, and I just don't know if this was really where I needed to be. (Members of Pink Vikings, please don't take this wrong. This is my personal battle, really has nothing to do with the group as a whole. This is just something I needed to put down to work through.)

9. Last but not least, find another workout buddy. With me changing jobs, the time that I can go to work out is not going to be the same. I need to find someone willing to go with me that will be in the same category as me (ie. just starting out). Something to work on...but maybe I just need to try going by myself.

anyhow, this is my list so far. I realize that I'm a work in progress, and I know that I mess up everyday with this lifestyle change, but that's okay. I may never be perfect. I'm doing the best I can with what I have right now, and that's enough for now.
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    Very good list!

    1995 days ago
    I think about alot of the same things. I am still working on figuring out alot of them.
    I have a couple of suggestions that I am working on but haven't tested them all out.
    I pretty much only drink water now that I had to give up caffiene but the chapped lips are still there. LOL. But drink up. emoticon

    With you on the slacking on movement lately but working on that to. Do you have a pedometor or something that can track your movement. Sometimes it helps to see it. I bought a Body Media Fit this past May. Love it. Especially when I input the food and can see total calories burned for the day versus activity for the day and it tells you what the difference is. Ramping up to start it again.

    Not sure how old your kiddies are. But maybe donate the candy to their teachers for treats. Our teachers asked if we had extra to send it in. May make you feel better about it than pitching it.

    Meal planning blows for me but it is one of my goals. Mini Ideas I have are a start but a long way to go. I recently tried microwaving egg whites with a small touch of milk. If you pick a small enough bowl you can make it and immediatly put it on a muffin. So can take a muffin candian bacon slice and slice of cheese if you want. Heat egg and canadian bacon seperatly. Put together and hot breakfast.
    Lunch don't forget soups can be stored at your desk. Take a bowl (make sure big enough to hold soup or oooopppps) and spoon. Keep dish soap handy and can rewash it and leave it there for the next meal. Then don't have to remember so many things before work. I also like the healthy choice Beef Merlot steamer. (One day I got frozen sugar snap peas that steamed in its own bag and added them. Yum) Check out your local grocery store for their salad bars and make your own. Maybe add fruit to the salad or healthy choice. Depending on what you get they just aren't enought. At least for me.

    Are there spark teams for your area? Maybe can find someone that way. Or try to find local classes? I found a gym membership at our local high school. It is $125 for the year and I can get Zumba classes for $1 each class when buy a 10 punch card. Or a planet fitness if they have them near you. Here it is $10-20 month depending which package you get.

    Oh clothes. Check out goodwill or your local thrift store for slacks. Especially on sale days. Its better than blowing your budget. Just make sure you wash them well. Sorry to ramble on your blog. But some of these I struggle with myself alot.

    I am wanting to learn more about crockpot meals too!

    Good Luck.

    Hope we have a great team with our Amythest team.

    You Can Do This!!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1995 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/2/2012 5:16:29 PM
    Michelle it's definitely doable. You've already made the first step by identifying what needs to be done. I hope you return to the Pink Vikings.
    1995 days ago
    i think that is a good list and that the one of the pink vikings is also a good one for the list.what ever you decide there remember i am still here for you when you need me.re the workout buddy maybe someone in your new job might be able to help if you hhhave a works noitice board or some where in the cantine you can put notices up maybe put one up now if you have access to thme.this is the time people are thinking about making new years resolutions so you might be in luck.re kids presants we used to always have a big presant off our parents then a few little ones some even homemade.maybe you can make the some gift vouches to use through out the year with say things like.you get to pick what the family watch on tv tonight or you pick what´s for dinner tonight,a family outing etc.even things like a day or week off chores.you have to make sure all kids have the same vouchers and if two of them want to cash theirs on the same night you put the names in a hat and a neutral party picks one out.hope this helps.keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1996 days ago
  • BIGDOG18
    1996 days ago
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