Getting Back to Basics!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Since the week of Thanksgiving, I haven't really been doing well. I certainly haven't been using the nutrition tracker and my trainers have a slight layer of dust on them. I was sucked into the vortex of family drama and have been stress-eating my way through it all.


A few days ago I came to the realization that 1) said stressful family members have left the house and all residual stress is dwindling away, 2) I reeeeeally don't want to pull the "I'll wait till January to start over!" like I have soooo many times before, which leads me to 3) I need to get back to basics.

As such, I thought I'd start by listing what exactly my goals are. I'm not talking long-term goals because I can't handle that right now. I'm not ready. So I'm focusing on what my goal is for the month:

- I want to be in the 260's by New Year's Eve. Ambitious? Perhaps. But doable if I stick to what's worked in the past and hold myself accountable for the next four weeks? Absolutely.

In order for this to happen though, I need to do the following:

-Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night
-Eat clean and track. Every. Single. Bite.
-Cardio 3-5x/week and strength training 2x/week and track!
-Drink at least 2 Nalgene bottles of water (equivalent to 8 glasses)
-Take my vitamins every day (I'm terrible at remembering to do this)
-Stay active on the site because it motivates/inspires me

I've never been one for daily blogs-I can't even TELL you how many times I've tried to keep a daily handwritten journal. Seriously. It's a little ridiculous. But I think if I can do it for the next four weeks it would just help keep me accountable.

That being (December 1st) I tracked all my meals, which hasn't happened in quite a while, so this was a step in the right direction. I've been having a tough time sleeping lately and thus ended up sleeping through Zumba this morning. I did, however, have a little cleaning frenzy today for about an hour, but I think the fitness tracker was a little too generous when it calculated the calories burned, so I only tracked 30 minutes. It's better than nothing, but I'll be aiming for at least 30 minutes on an elliptical tomorrow.

Now off to work on that sleep thing...

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    Great goals for December!
    1963 days ago

    I'm sorry you were having family drama but I'm glad it's clearing up!

    Also sad for the lack of sleep! I love sleeping...

    I'm going to teach you a stupid thing my roommate in college taught me when I was having trouble sleeping from anxiety.

    So first of all, you get comfy. Whatever position you normally sleep in, eyes closed. Then, focus on your breathing. Just breathe normally and comfortably, but count (whatever feels like a natural slow counting pace) how long your inhales are. Next you try to match your exhales to whatever your inhales currently are. Does that make sense? If your current comfortable breathing is in for a count of 3, breathe out for a count of 3. Do this until it is easy, all of them match 3-3, and it's comfortable to breathe this way. Now increase so you're doing inhale for 4 exhale for 4. You'll have to work at it to breathe deeper and slower. Keep going until 4 is comfortable, then work on 5, and so on and so forth.

    Obviously if your counting pace is different and you're starting at 5, go to 6, then 7, etc. But this helps me a lot. It keeps your mind from zooming around trying to worry/focus on a million things, and the slow deep breathing helps you feel relaxed. I can usually go to sleep after doing this, if I didn't fall asleep during.

    Hope it helps!
    Can't wait to hear how you're doing today!
    1963 days ago
    Excellent goals. Good luck : )
    1964 days ago
    You go girl, you can do it!
    1964 days ago
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