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Sunday, December 02, 2012

I finally had my heart ablation last Wednesday. I was hoping that this would be the solution to my last remaining problem, and it may still be but it isn't going to happen as soon as I thought. I went in and had the procedures Wednesday afternoon, had to lie flat in the bed for 4 hours to assure that the bleeding from the artery in the groin had stopped bleeding, and then send the night in the hospital for monitoring. Overall, it was a very easy procedure although it did take between 4 and 5 hours to complete. By the time I saw the Dr. the next morning, I had not felt any Atrial Fibrillation since the procedure and I was very excited, as was the Dr. They released me and I came home Thursday afternoon and slept away the rest of the day.

The Dr. had told me that the A-Fib would probably come back periodically and that they do not count this procedure a success or failure until the end of 3 months. That was a little discouraging with as well as I was feeling, but nothing I could not live with.

Friday evening we went to a friends home to play cards. I was not feeling as good as the day before but was still feeling better than I had for a while. After about an hour at their home I went to the restroom and as I stood up I felt the most horrendous pain in my chest. I have never felt a pain like that and if it has been any longer than the Mil-second that it was I would have been right down on my knees screaming. It is a pain you cannot describe, like nothing you have ever felt. That pain eased and it became an ache in the left side of my neck and my left arm. Of course I was sure I was having a heart attack but there was nothing debilitation. Only the ache on my left side and the Atrial Fibrillation had returned. I was Dizzy and could not stop shaking. My husband and friends took one look at me and packed me into the care and back to the hospital I went.

I felt ridiculous because all I could do was cry and shake in the emergency room, out of frustration and fear about what was happening to me. Then eventually managed to calm me down and get all the tests they needed and sent me upstairs to a room.

Luckily there was nothing serious but they kept telling me how I made the right decision to come in and if it happened again I was to do the same thing. I was to be always checked and I was never to ignore anything with my heart. What they determined was it was the way my heart was adjusting to the trauma of the ablation and it was not any kind of heart attack. They felt this would be the only such reaction so if it did happen again not to fool around with it. They had to put me back on the medication for the A-Fib because it is back but that too may go away again.

My decision at this point is that this is just another hurdle through which I can show my total commitment to weight loss. Since I cannot get the protein shakes at this campus of the hospital, I had my husband bring one in to me today.

I know that if I lose this weight, my chances of having a healthier heart are much better and I believe that I am going through all of this so that I never doubt that issue. The Drs' have not limited my activities and tell me I can start exercising so that is what I am going to do. I am going to live my life day by day and just cope with things as they come up. I have a wonderful team of Drs' and I really like them. I can talk to them about anything so I will ask the questions, I need to ask, and they will tell me the truth when they can or if they don't know they will tell me that. I am not going to let anything stop me from enjoying my new life.

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