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10 Reasons I'm Not Waiting Until January (Welcome December!)

Saturday, December 01, 2012

If you are reading this, chances are the you are either committed to a healthy routine or heading that direction. Here is some motivation for you!

10 Reasons I'm Not Waiting Until January To Start Treating My Body Right:

1. If I treat my body right in December, I can balance out the typical holiday weight gain that occurs with Americans over the winter holidays.
- Strength training builds muscles & the more muscle one has, the more calories one burns (even when resting!)
- Cardio burns calories, so those holiday treats won't stick to my mid section as much
- A healthy eating plan on a day to day basis means I can splurge a little at holiday parties and not be afraid of gaining a ton of extra flub

2. With all of the holiday business, the gym is pretty empty most of the time. I can make the most of it and get my exercise done without having to wait on weight machines or equipment!

3. Speaking of the empty gym, I would MUCH rather being getting into the groove of my new work out routine now while the gym isn't packed. Who wants to be learning how to use all that equipment and panting like a dog with a bunch of onlookers?

4. By the time January comes around, I will be a regular gym rat & can go with confidence, hopefully seeing muscle definition and lean mass results. I won't feel as self-conscious when everyone shows up on January 2nd to begin their New Year's resolution plan.

5. Eating well now means that my skin will have a healthy glow for those holiday parties and pictures... and my stomach won't look as bloated!

6. Since I am treating my body right throughout December, every once in a while I can relax & enjoy one of my favorite hobbies... BAKING! I may or may not be licking the spoon while baking "Laura Bush's Texas Governor's Mansion Cowboy Cookies" as I type this... OMG.

7. In January I can reward myself for my hard work by shopping for new fitness items while they are on SALE!

8. When January comes, it will feel good to say that I started treating my body right LAST year. Psychologically, my mind will feel as if I have been sticking to it longer which will motivate me to keep going. PLUS, looking at the scale on January 2nd won't be nearly as discouraging since I will be LIGHTER & FITTER!

9. Exercise is a natural mood/energy/immunity booster. With the winter months comes seasonal depression, decreased energy & sickness, but by treating my body right I can fight all of that off & hopefully avoid any icky sicky bugs that come with people at holiday gatherings.

10. The sooner I start treating my body right, the less time I lose to gain my health! We only have one life here & the choices we make now determine our future health and longevity!

Those are my 10 reasons for sticking with it now! What about you?

Today (Day #6):
CARDIO: 5 min treadmill warmup
ST: 30 min abs & arms
NUTRITION: Ate one small plate at a baby shower and picked healthier options, apple, orange & 3 bites burrito for lunch, making cookies & cooking butternut squash now. Watching portions. :)

emoticon emoticon HAPPY DECEMBER!!! emoticon emoticon
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