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Saturday, December 01, 2012

One of my spark friends made me think today. She wrote this blog:


What she wrote really got me thinking, and as a result I've had to go back through my blogs to check a few things. I seem to have been what I've been considering 'stuck' at around 12 1/2 stone for well over a year now. I've been telling myself, and others, that I wouldn't say no to losing another stone, but I'm not too worried.

That was the truth of the matter. Another stone lost wouldn't hurt, but I feel very comfortable as I am, so no biggie either way. :-)

Having read Speedy's post, however, I think it may be time to drop the whole, 'another stone wouldn't hurt', and instead realise that my body is happily maintaining at this time. I waver between 12 stone 7lbs and 12 stone 10lbs, and it feels fine to me. I think the only way to lose more would be to switch to low fat spreads, artificial sweeteners, and forgo my little treats, and I don't want to stop enjoying my food.

Besides, in the close to four years since I joined Sparkpeople I've lost 2 stone! That is a terrific achievement, and not to be overshadowed by the attitude that it isn't really enough. I can hear it in my head. “Two stones gone is pretty good, but it could be a lot better!”

The real celebration should be that I have lost two stone, and I've kept it off for over a year now! I am eating more healthily, getting my 5 freggies in most days, and rarely less than 3 or 4 on the rest of the days. I am drinking at least 8 glasses of water 99 days out of a hundred, and only short a glass or two on my off days. I get exercise almost daily, with only occasional rest days, and have recently started a daily streak to keep that going.

And talking of that, my streak is now 8 days. Yesterday I did a little aerobics using Exerbeat, and today, because my head didn't want to be moved much thanks to bunged sinuses, I did a couple of Coach Nicole's Dumbbell upper body exercise videos. :-)

So, here we are in December 2012, the dreaded date is looming...

I'm putting off some stuff until after the 21st. Such as filling in my tax return. Well, I agree that this whole end of the world thing is probably hocum, but just in case, there's no point making the last three weeks of my life miserable, eh? :-) Let's face it, if it's true, I'm not gonna be needing that tax return!

Enjoy your weekend!
Lex xxx
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