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Saturday, December 01, 2012

It's a new month! Last month turned out pretty good. I wound up letting go of 4 pounds after all, landing me 1 pound from my goal! My husband has been asking how much I want to lose, I guess he thinks I'm fine, which is great. I imagine I will lose some more weight in the course of getting to my body composition goal (76% lean). We'll see what that looks like when we get there!

I'm now trying calorie cycling (calorie deficit for three days, maintenance or more for 1 to 3 days). Something I think will prove awesome about this is that it motivates me to keep tracking calories as I move from losing weight to shaping up. The Fitbit has really caused me to examine my calorie calculations. I'm still trying to get a handle on what a normal day should look like. I don't know if I will ever be a 10k a day girl, but I guess stranger things have already happened to me. I walked while I did SparkCoach this morning, just toddled around my room (which is 18 x20). And I toddled while I read my scriptures, and there's Sparkpeople radio I can toddle to and other inspirational talks I can toddle to.

Last Sunday I was struggling with some negative thoughts and realized it's probably because I hadn't been doing any personal scripture study. I read the Bible with my kids each day, but we're in Ezekiel right now and it's not always a boost. I could probably be prosecuted for emotional abuse, if I really thought they understood half of what we were reading. But we're also learning to finish what we start, or something.

So I've got physical, mental, spiritual here. I guess there's home and work life. I do need to make progress on my home. The other day the die was cast when I was working on a time sensitive project and my toddler spilled paint on the carpet. We've been talking about replacing the carpet for almost 4 years, and so I decided to let the paint dry and stay on the task that needed to be done. So that means getting the carpet changed now becomes a priority. Though I could put a throw over it in a pinch. I'm contemplating how to do kaizen/babysteps goals and also finish what I start. Sigh. That is the thing.

And then my work is writing. I spent all last month on my personal odyssey, and now I need to put some time in on my nonfiction. I haven't really sorted out how I want the two to interact, long term. I guess we'll see which one goes anywhere first. And I have a bookkeeping project.

So yeah, one more pound. Just like the other 41. Just open the cage and put a carrot outside, and let it hop away.

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