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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Read a blog by a gal named Frauching on the subject of NEAT, which is an acronym that stands for Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or activities we do beyond working out. Some people (myself included) tend to be extremely sedentary when not actually engaged in fitness exercise. I know this is a problem for me with a lot of ill side effects like super-weak muscles. I've considered turning on the timer to prompt me to get up and move for 5 minutes every hour. I still might do that!

My other spark friend, DeterminedMe, is encouraging me to do squats and lunges, and I really want to, except for my poor knees. She said to try doing squats using a low stool so I have been using a little 2-step booster I use for getting into high places to "squat" on. Yesterday, I did 5 squat intervals 3 times during the day. Also running in place 4 times and stepping up and down on a step 3 times and other calisthenics I thought of at different times of the day. Sometimes the idea of devoting a half-hour to fitness seems so inconvenient. I also don't always want to leave my house. So I'm doing Wii Fit at home (not hard core by any means) and a bit of Leslie Sansone. Thanks to all this NEAT plug-in fitness (3-5 minutes at a time) my muscles are pretty sore! I want to be able to do a plank with good form but right now it's really hard. I have such a time getting on and off the floor that I really don't do a plank much at all! I tried it on the bed, and it's still pretty hard.

So now I want to get below 200 and get my muscles strong enough to get on and off the floor as well as plank. Also I would like to lose enough weight to where I can run/jog for 2 minutes and longer. Engaging in NEAT activities throughout the day can only help.

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    You are doing great and making strides even through your pain. If you even tried the lunges and used the step, you are making a difference. I remember the first day I decided to walk. 10 minutes in the yard - maybe 1.5 laps around the yard - had me in bed for an entire day.

    Do what you can do and build on it. I tried lunges when I vacuum and I fell over twice - and I wasn't even in the cast yet!!! I just had no balance.

    You are doing great and you have been mixing it up and that is great because you are finding out what works for you!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2334 days ago
    This is a great idea! I am very sedentary and the thought of getting up to exercise does not please me at all but a little bit at a time sounds manageable. Thanks for the info!
    2335 days ago
    I can soooo relate to your post! I could have written it - right down to the problems with knees that are keeping me from doing activities that involve getting down on the floor. Thanks for sharing.
    2335 days ago
    You just keep doing what you can do. I have bad knees too that need replacements but I am too young. The dr said the more I can strengthen the muscles around them the stronger they will get and the longer I can go without having to have replacements. I also have a degenerative disc disease dissolving my spine, but again the stronger I make the muscles, the better, So that's one of my motivators, more push no surgery. Have a great day!!

    2336 days ago
    That is a great idea my friend! If 30 minutes of fitness isn't a good option for you, 5 or 10 minutes at a time works great.
    emoticon on the squats. As your core strengthens you'll be able to do them easier without the pain in your knees. Proper form with the squats will help with your core as well (at least that is what the PT told me on Wednesday).

    Keep it up! You're doing emoticon

    2336 days ago
    I like the idea of five minutes every hour. Keeps you mindful as well.
    Spark coach has challenged me to increase my activity level in 3 areas today.
    Maybe a clock or watch that chimes every hour would help. I have a funny image in my head now. An onlooker would think I was hypnotized. Bell rings... Crazy woman does squats. In time change that to skinny crazy woman does squats.
    Spark on.
    2336 days ago
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