Get a cup of tea, this is a doozy of a catch-up!!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Yes. Wow. We are there already!!! First - some belly pics for y'all. Here's where I left you at week 21:

Week 22:

Week 23:

Week 24:

Week 25:

Week 26:

Week 27:

Week 28: (Hello 3rd Trimester!! And HELLO BABY!!!)

Baby ***BOY*** is growing really well, and so am I. My goal for Dec 1 was to weigh in (empty, morning, naked) at 154lbs, and I weighed in this morning at 153.5, so only a half pound away from goal - which is crazy, because I'm actually eating on average closer to 2500 calories per day.

I have basically stopped looking at my "max" of 2100 because obviously it was dead wrong!! I would be ravenously hungry, tired, cranky, and edgy. Not to mention not gaining any weight and would freak 2 days before a doctor's appointment thinking I was going to be yelled at for not gaining. There may be one day a week I eat under 2200. Maybe. It's just focusing on getting the minimums of fibre, fruit and veggies, and water that if I hit those, I'm happy!!

Fitness has changed... a LOT!! I have completely cut out Body Combat - even the 30 minute class. I now am in a build phase, so the amount of cardio I do is less anyway, but I only do one intense cardio session a week, usually a Zumba class. The rest right now is 1 prenatal yoga and 3 strength days. I'm starting to rely a lot more on machines for my strength training, which typically I'm not a fan of, but my abdominal muscles are starting to go, so I don't trust my core enough to do some of my regular things like back squats, especially without a spotter! A leg press machine is better than nothing!

Just for fun - on Nov 24, at 27 weeks and 6 days, I forgot to wash my normal gym clothes, so had to dig out the emergency stash (you know, the nasty, all cotton, terrible stuff we all have!) to get my gym sesh on. I looked ridiculous! One of the girls at the gym outright laughed at me, which is fine hahaha, and then told me "You look like the girl from "Juno"! Teeny tiny body, GIANT BELLY!" Well, thank YOU for the compliment!! emoticon

See? Ridiculous! Smuggling a beachball!

December goals:
- Be between 158-162lbs on January 1. Shouldn't be a problem, Brad's Mom is sending me a whole batch of peanut butter balls!
- Hit 1000 fitness minutes. I hit around 950 for November, and I think I can top that in December. I have a solid NINE consecutive days off over Christmas (unheard of for a nurse!!!) that I should be able to ramp up my workout time. My calorie burn will be lower - it's going to be less intense stuff, more walking and prenatal yoga.
- Stop using Baby's room as a storage room, completely. Once and for all.

As of today, I only have 2 months of work left!! Woohoo!!!! I have applied for my pregnancy/maternity/parental leave to start Feb 1st, to allow for a 2 week rest for myself before due date, as well as get my EI benefits in place. Speaking of which...

EI Benefits suck. I can not begin to express how thankful I am that here in Canada we get a year paid to go be awesome mommies and daddies, which I know is nowhere near the standard in the States, so please don't think I am being whiny.

I'm just being whiny.

Brad and I together make a very comfortable living. Do we have the fanciest life? No, but we are super comfortable. I am the main breadwinner (by a long shot!) and my job provides all of our medical/dental/etc benefits and covers all of our fixed expenses plus about half of our cash flow stuff - groceries, gas, savings, etc. Brad's income is not consistent and is basically used as extra.

Earlier this week, we sat down to estimate what our income is going to be while I am taking my year off work.

My gross income is going down by 62% in February. For a year. Panic sets in.

The way I figure it, between my EI and Brad's usual winter income, we have enough money plus $12 a month to cover our fixed expenses. No savings. No cash. No food.

This is when the full on panic attack happened. My goal in life is to be a mom. If I could be a stay at home Mom for the rest of my life (work my nursing job casual to keep my license active, like 1 shift a month) I would be happiest. At this rate, it was looking like we could only afford to have me off work for 3 months, and I have been so... SO looking forward to this year!!!

Then I remember: you have been planning for this for over a year, breathe.

Brad has been banking hours at work for over a year. For example, a season calls for me to budget on Brad getting 30 hours of work per week. He happens to get 45 hours one week. We get 40 paid out and the other 5 "banked" at work, where they set it aside. Most of the people in his job do this, because summer hours can be upwards of 80 a week, and winter is lucky to get 20. This helps smooth it out. Brad has over 250 hours banked at work.

Based on that, I can safely budget for Brad to "make" 30 hours a week over the winter months, instead of the typical 20, but drawing from his bank to make that difference.

Whew. Okay. This is better, but still not enough.

My super-fantastico-union-job requires my employer pay me "top-up" for the first 17 weeks of my maternity leave. That means that for 3 months, I will receive the difference of what EI pays me and to 93% of my regular gross income. The plan? Take those 17 weeks and knock the money into savings, and draw a regular small amount out per month over the year to cover expenses.

We are now comfortable. Fixed expenses covered for the year, as well as gas, food, a baby budget, a small personal allowance, and setting aside money for vet emergencies and gifts.

No entertainment budget. No haircuts.

No gym membership.

And that's okay. That's why we bought my super crazy awesome top-of-the-line off-roading and jogging stroller.

I have amazing knowledge of how to use my body for resistance and cardio training, thanks to my amazing trainer I had.

I have some (limited) equipment at home to use for strength training. I have Zumba Wii, internet access, and a library card for fitness DVDs.

I know Brad bought me some type of fitness-related something for Christmas, so whatever that is, I have that too!

And I have Spark.

No, it's not ideal. I love my gym. I love everything about it, everyone there, and it's my escape. But because I have worked so hard to not gain a ton of extra weight during this pregnancy, I shouldn't have to worry about needing to take a lot off. My fitness goals will be more maintenance based than weight-loss, and that's a much easier task to face without my beloved gym.

Shiz just got real.

Okay, go about your weekend now, Sparkers! I need to get my arse moving to the gym! (It's going to hurt later, it's leg press day!)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    HA!! I love the beach ball look! Your belly looks more boy like with that t-shirt. Your other pictures you look very very tiny-in-the-belly!!! What a plan ya'll have for taking care of things while you're at home. That time will fly doubt! enjoy these next couple of months and all those that follow. Trust me~as exhausting as it is day to day taking care of a newborn, the time flies by!!
    congrats on this new baby and doing such a great job on staying fit!
    1970 days ago

    And you do look a bit like Juno, with your giant bebebelleh.

    Bravo for being such a responsible mom-type-person and getting your finances in order. A budget isn't necessarily a fun thing, but you've been so disciplined in your health and fitness and your husband so supportive and understanding throughout your perceived nuttiness that I have faith that you'll stick to it. Haircuts are overrated. And yes, EI blows, but it also rocks, and therein lies the wonder that is Canada. Or something. (I'm jetlagged, I don't have to make sense.)

    I will be your 2013 home-gym buddy extraordinaire! I am getting my basement gym all kitted out (i.e. an Ikea shelf, an ancient TV from my parents' house, my DVDs, freeweights, my bike on Max's bike-trainer, and the elliptical trainer I bought ages ago and left at my parents' for a few years!) and will be SO keen to have somebody equally organized and scheduley to work out "with". I'm sure you'll kick my butt in the springtime, post-partum or not. There will be coast-to-coast virtual post-workout high fives galore! Ha ha!!!

    Loved the catch up. Can't wait to do more of it! I hope you're having a spectacular holiday and making the most of your 9 days off! Cheers to a spectacular 2013!
    1971 days ago
    You still look so small! I was always 160 pounds at the starts of my pregnancies, so it makes a big difference when you start out in good shape! You look great! :)
    1988 days ago
    I can't believe you're in the 3rd trimester already... I swear, just yesterday we were talking about how you nervously announced this whole Baby Adventure! You're doing SO awesome, and you really are going to be great parents.

    That Financial Wizardry sounds pretty dang familiar! I've been doing a lot of the same.

    Also, I can't believe Bean is a boy! So exciting.
    1995 days ago
    First off, you look SO fabulous and healthy in those pics, you should be so proud! You are closing in on the end of your pregnancy and still look like you could beat us all at a 5K!

    I can imagine that losing that much of your income would be nerve-racking. But we all know what a meticulous planner you are, and I'm sure that you will be just fine. I envy the amount of time you are given to spend with your baby! And even if times are a little tight for a while there, the benefits that your baby boy will have from that first year are so important and will probably be a good reminder of how worth it it all is.

    So glad to get this update from you! And it just made me think of this -- don't you dare forget to post an update and let us know when he's born! Hospital schmospital, I will come find you. I will.

    1995 days ago
    Congrats on a boy :-) It's great to hear that you were able to figure out your finances to be able to take that whole year! The states def are NOT that kind when it comes to maternity leave! Great job keeping yourself so healthy and watching your gain closely! I hear that can be tougher when your pregnant.
    1995 days ago
  • REDQT2
    Congratulations on your baby and your healthy choices! You enjoy that sweet little guy when he comes!
    1996 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    I love the week 28 picture!
    Your baby bump is pronounced in that pic. emoticon
    Thanks for the update.
    1996 days ago
    Wow! First off, you really do get good benefits. I seriously heart Canada, and if it wasn't for the cold, I would love to live there. Heck...I am thinking I would love to live there despite the cold.

    I am glad you have a plan. Plans are good, and are necessary to keep composer in stressful times.

    And keep up the great work! I know lots of PCOS mommies to be that are like, I'm pregnant so I don't have to workout, and I can eat whatever I want. It's one of the main reasons I am no longer active on the board. Women are there just to lose enough weight to have a baby, but not enough to stay health for said child's life afterward. Sorry rant over.

    You do look awesome, though I don't think your belly is quite at the Juno stage, but it's close!

    Keep up the great work! And I am right there with ya on losing the gym, though I never had a gym gym (just the apartment one)!

    Have a good weekend!
    1997 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    A boy, how exciting! So glad you were able to find out! emoticon
    It still amazes me that we have no idea what we are having.

    You are doing so wonderful! You look great, be proud!
    Glad you are getting everything figured out with the expenses. I know it can be frustrating, but at least you are planning for it and trying to be as prepared as you can be. I've always known this, but you are going to make a GREAT mommy!

    Enjoy your weekend girl!!
    1997 days ago
    You are so cute and those pictures are fantastic! :D I am so excited for you. That is great that you get a full year to be home with Lil Bean, and I am so glad you figured out all the financial stuff so that you could use up your full year. emoticon I am so just so proud of you, you are doing so amazing with your pregnancy and being so careful and like you said you will not have much work ahead of you in terms of losing weight after the baby is here. You are a rock star!
    1997 days ago
    You look great! I am so jealous you get a full year off with your baby. Wow. I can't imagine. I'll be back at work when she is 9 or 10 weeks. Good thing the day care is on site at my office so I can go on lunches. I survived it with Gianna, I guess I will with this one too. And congrats on BOY!!
    1997 days ago
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