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Once Again, I am in AWE!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

The last two nights I have attended Husker volleyball games. If you read my blogs much, you know what a huge fan I am of those girls! They accomplish amazing feats, using just their hands and bodies, and can make a ball go places and do things I can't even imagine, and they make it look so easy. They are just wonderful!!

The NCAA Division I Volleyball Tournament is in full swing now, and the Huskers played the first round Thursday night (they easily beat the University of Maine Eastern Shore--I never heard of that school!--in 3 games), and hubby and I were there cheering loudly. Well I wasn't yelling as loudly as usual, still have that darned laryngitis. But the 4,000+ fans in the FULL University of Nebraska Coliseum made up for my lack of yelling!

Tonight we went to the second round game, where my Huskers easily defeated University of Northern Iowa. Well it wasn't easy, UNI was a good team, but my girls prevailed in 3 games! Always good to get a sweep!

By winning these two first-round games (which were held in Lincoln, due to the Huskers #4 seeding over-all in the tournament), the Huskers advance to the Regional round in Omaha. Well....Omaha is just down the road! So of course we're headed there next weekend. Bought the tickets tonight on my iPhone, while I had a grilled chicken salad at my favorite Mexican place after the game was over. I also had 3 chips with salsa. ONLY 3!!! And I gave the toasted garlic bread that came with my salad to hubby, as I always do!

I know how important it is to keep my weight down if I want to continue to go places and do things. And I DO LOVE going places and doing things. On the way home from the restaurant, I told hubby what a joy it is for me to be able to go to these games again. There was a time when I really struggled with going to any sporting events. So I just quit going. Walking any distance was virtually impossible, and once I got to the arena, there was the steps, and at the Coliseum where the Huskers play volleyball (tonight was their last game there however--they're moving to a bigger arena next year--it was a very emotional night!) there are bleachers, with numbered seats. Those bleachers are OLD, built back when people were smaller, so the space aligned for each numbered seat is pretty small, and the place is always full. But I fit nicely in seat #14!!! And walking to the game from the parking place (probably a 3-block walk) is so easy! Going up the steps is also easy, we're in row 14. But coming back down those steps is not so easy, my knees are bad, so hubby goes in front of me (there's NO railings--it's a very old building) and I put my hand on his shoulder and take those steps one at a time. It's do-able. It wasn't do-able before.

And now it's on to Omaha next weekend, where the crowds will be much larger and the parking will be much further away. But walking isn't a problem anymore! It's so easy. Sometimes we even pass people. I used the be the slowest walker in town. Old women, people on crutches, everybody passed me. NO MORE! I keep up with the crowd, and now it's me and hubby passing the slow walkers! GO PAM GO!

August of 2010, I had lost about 80 lbs., so hubby and I went to Omaha for an early season volleyball game that the Huskers were playing there. I knew I would be able to walk, because I had been walking down the road in front of my house since March, and I could. I even bought a Husker Volleyball t-shirt at the game, the first one I had ever owned. It was a 2X, and is too big now, so I have newer smaller ones! But what a joy it was to be able to easily walk to the volleyball game, and be able to fit into a Husker t-shirt, for the first time in 30 years!

I've been going to as many of the Husker Volleyball games as I can get tickets for ever since. The games are always sold out, so tickets aren't easy to come by. We share a season ticket with another couple, so get to go to every other home game. When we don't have tickets, we listen on the radio when they're not on TV! We've also been able to go to a couple of the games for which we don't have our own tickets, by getting them from people at work or on an on-line ticket exchange. So we've been to quite a few of their games this year. We're hoping to get FULL season tickets next year since they're moving to a bigger venue. And I fully expect to still weigh 150 lbs. when next season rolls around so that I can keep going to their games with such ease!

I took a bunch of pictures at the last regular season game last Saturday Night. It was Senior Night. Youngest son went with me instead of hubby--they trade off. They are both big fans, but I am the BIGGEST fan so I always go!!

Me in the half-empty Coliseum. We were early. It filled up later!

Son and I before the game.

Warm-up before the game. They don't allow flash pictures during the game, so I don't have any actual game action.

We're going to miss the wonderful old Coliseum!

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have won 3 NCAA Championships. Hubby, son and I were all at the 2006 championship--it was held in Omaha! Best live sporting event I have ever been too! It was quite a thrill!

The five seniors were honored after the game that night! They are a wonderful group and will be missed next year. SO TALENTED!

I will never get over this joy and awe at being able to do normal things again. I love it so much. GO BIG RED!!!
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