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Whirlwind Weekend

Saturday, December 01, 2012

So yesterday I did not go to the Festival Of Trees as hoped. The weather kept Mom at home. It has not improved much. This morning as I worked out on my elliptical, the wind was blowing snow tornadoes in front of my window, so frequently I couldn't open my window very much or I would end up with a faceful of snow :P I did a little Sparking, a little tidying up, showered then went off to bridge. While we won only two out of four matches this time, we actually ended up tied for 2nd overall in the final results, the best showing I have had in a bridge game in a very long time!
Mom had dropped off her chilli with black beans and black beluga beans in it, nice and spicy, but too much for her hubby, so she had to give it to me. I am not sorry :) I froze all I could in half cup servings with two left to enjoy as I ran out of containers. This will be a treat to have throughout the next month.
On my way home from the club we had the ice crystals as predicted, but I did not find it slippery. I came home, did dishes, cleaned some peppers, tidied up in preparation for cleaning. Sat and Sparked a while then vacuumed the carpet, then scrubbed the floors. I also swept up outside my suite as the guys working on the elevator left a big mess of wood splinters and gravel there. The caretakers have no time to vacuum or wash in front of our suites, so the crud build up gets a bit much. The elevator that the strange noises came from is the one they are working on, but no, they certainly weren't there at 1 am. In fact, these contractors appear to be lazy and slow as the other tower's contractors have already finished one of their elevators and are working on the second. Quite often, these guys are not even around during the week. Hard to get anything done when you are not even there. I also heard those sounds again at about the same time Thursday night. Can't be a critter -it would have to be something big to make that heavy a sound and there is no way for anything to get in our building (there is no basement -all the boilers and stuff are on the top floor).
So I sit Sparking and catching up with my tracking with a sore wrist and painful fingers -I have a reusable swiffer like mop head you have to wring out by hand -tough on my bad arthritic fingers.
The tummy troubles have lessened somewhat, knock on wood -only went twice today. I am not feeling as uncomfortable. I finally got my report back from that company that tested my blood. They suggest no less then seven supplements I should be taking -one of them being acidophilis which I am already trying. My Dr. tested my blood and said I was not deficient in B12 -one of the things they suggested also which does make sense with a vegetarian diet, but I do take a multivitamin. They gave me a long list of what each ingredient in each supplement can do for you and it is quite the impressive list all right. The thing is the only disease I have is RA, and I never get sick with colds and flus, so I would suggest my lifestyle choices are doing me good and I don't really need to take a whole slew of supplements, besides which my cupboard is already crammed with my normal meds, don't know where I could find any more space to squeeze one more thing in.
Tomorrow, the Sun Dog Festival starts which is a huge artisan craft show where people come from across Canada to attend. Very good quality juried crafts. Yes, expensive, but unique and if you could afford it, one of a kind Christmas gifts. I wish to attend, and Mom is half interested, but if she waffles out, I will go on my own. Its a very long bus ride for me as its in a stadium on the outskirts of our spread out city, on the oppostie side of the river to me. but they do have buses going out to this place so I wouldn't have to take a cab which I imagine would cost $40 or more if I had to. The ironic part is because I never go anywhere and never do anything that costs much money, I have lots of savings that I could splurge on a nice gift. Also on Sat., in the evening, I have to run the Christmas Party game at the bridge club -this will be my turkey dinner. The other luncheon at the bridge club is a soup & sandwich meal on the 10th. My building has a turkey supper but I am not attending as its the same day as the bridge club's luncheon and I can't eat two big meals in a day.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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