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Training Journal: 11/26- 11/30/2012

Saturday, December 01, 2012

WEEK 21 (of 21)

Goal Race: California Marathon (12/2/2012)
Goal Time: 4:25 (BQ)
Goal Pace: 10:06 /mi

Miles Last Week: 29
Target This Week: 13 + Race


Race Pace Intervals
Distance: 8 miles
1 mile easy (11:00 - 12:00)
2 miles @MP (9:50 - 10:06)
1 mile easy
2 miles @MP
1 mile easy
+ 4 x 10 sec hill sprint

Splits: 11:20 / 9:55 / 9:48 / 11:21 / 9:49 / 9:50 / 11:12
Hill Sprints: incline = 8, speed = 8 mph

Notes: Today's run was easy but a bit uninspired until the hill sprints. I was feeling lethargic (as opposed to tired) coming into the run, probably because I have been sleeping so much and also have been a lot less active than usual. I almost skipped the hill sprints, but I'm so glad that I didn't. It's surprising that just 40 seconds of really fast running could jazz me up so much, mentally, but it did. I felt energized and HAPPY when I finished. And that feeling is still with me several hours later as I write this.

I may add a couple to Friday's workout.


Threshold Run
Distance: 4 miles
1 mile easy
2 mile @ MP
1 mile easy

Splits: 11:23 / 9:35 / 9:45 / 10:55

Notes: I woke up this morning well before the alarm, so I think I am now well rested. Today's run was uneventful, even a little humdrum; it was over almost before it started. Given the effect of the hill sprints on Tuesday, I decided to throw a few acceleration gliders into the last easy mile. That did perk me up, mentally, a bit. I think I may do something similar for the race -- somewhere in mile 3 or 4, after I am well warmed up.

The forecast for the race continues to be for rain, at least in the early hours, and windy at first, but dying down a bit by mid morning. Temps in the mid 50's. As long as it isn't pouring down rain, that shouldn't be too bad. I think I'm going to wear a trash bag for the early miles until the wind dies down.

Easy (Treadmill)
Distance: 2.3 miles
Time: 30 minutes


California Marathon
Bib #11027
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