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Day 20 My Day...Ends w/Eating Heavy...

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Well, eating heavy didn't hurt me. I've been burning around 3000 to 4000 cals per-day. Getting up every morning isn't new, but man oh man. They didn't say there would be days like's how the morning goes. I'm up, I'm running and I'm doing. Dragging (BUTT) at 6:50 and I do mean dragging. Hubby gets up when I get up, and I'm telling you... I am dragging my behind like nothing. Get a head ache at work, and I do mean a massive headache from all the ripping and running. I'm standing for a short time, but to me it's long enough, and never been one of those who liked a job sitting down. I hated them, I'm getting nutty by then, and I have to stand up and rock (move) do something. You know. So this job is all about working... And I do mean working. So, I took the job, need the extra cash flow while the economy figure out it's next move. I just can't sit here and wish people to go back to work so I can start taking care of more elderly people, and what happen was a win win. I put in for this job I don't know how many times, but I got the job. After the 3rd time, I pretty much put myself out. So, my kids grandmom called. Oh they need you now. They have elderly travelers and need a sweet loving face that can pop in on them from time to time. See how it's going --see what they need. You know stuff like that. This one family has a down Syndrome and is deaf daughter, but she can talk. Well, I understood every word she said. And the woman goes. How did you understand her, and then I started to sign to her. She needed a few things. The woman goes...Lynn I didn't know you signed... Just a little I told her, and she goes...HUH! Well, after that long day of work. I went home grabbed my kids after a short --not so not so rest, and we headed out to TACO BELL... Yeah! We ran 30miles to the boarder, and had Taco Bell, and then we did some shopping at the Dollar Tree and in Wal-Mart. I ate heavy, I earned that heavy meal.... And I promise you, I won't cry over 1 pound. Today was a good day, but it was a day worth living.
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