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Friday, November 30, 2012

I was driving to work today and passed my favorite donut shop (as I do EVERY day! life is hard). Some weeks I think to myself "it's Friday, I deserve a little treat for making it through the work week" and I stop about twice a month for donuts for my boss and I. Today, there were more people at the donut shop than other days of the week and it made me think, other people must have the same thought process as I do! But really, what is so special about Friday that I need to treat myself? It happens 52 times a year, and I don't have to do any extra work to get to it, just survive another 6 days. While that often FEELS like a chore, it usually happens. And once I'm in the thought process of "rewarding" myself for Friday, I start to think that Saturday is a good day for a treat too, and maybe Monday to get the week started right.... and so on and so on until "Tuesday" is a reason for a treat simply because it needs to feel special too!!

Eating a donut (average of 350 cals) every Friday for a year would lead to a five pound weight gain. And let's be honest, I sometimes can't pick my favorite and get two! Then you add in all the other treats this mentality leads to and BAM 15 pounds or more!

Moral of the story: Friday is not a good enough excuse for a food treat. I will find some other way to celebrate Friday (because I do believe in celebrating!) and I will save the caloric things for major milestones (because I do still like my sweets)

Since I skipped the donuts today, what should I do to celebrate Friday? How do YOU treat yourself besides food?

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