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30 lbs gone, now time to run a marathon. Training Days 1-3

Thursday, November 29, 2012

At this point in my fitness regime, I have some toning up to do in the belly, but I am otherwise thrilled with all I have accomplished. I feel more confident, my anxiety and depression is basically gone, I am happy and feel great!!!

SO I am just finishing up P90X, I have already completed Jillian Michael's 90 Day Body Revolution, and ran a half marathon! The next logical step is a full marathon.

But, if I am going to do a full marathon, I am gonna do a fun and cool one. SO Disney, January 2014. Watch out because I am coming for you emoticon In the meantime, I am doing another half marathon in March and want to finish in 2 hours which means a 9 min, 10 sec mile. That is no problem for a 5K, but for 13.1 miles, this will be a doozy!

Day 1: 11/26/2012My first day of training was like any other workout day for me: a 3 mile "easy" run (below pace so a 9 min 30 sec mile) and strength training (like I said I am finishing up P90X). SO it was a great workout and wanted to cut my arms off by the end thanks to the infinite number of bicep curls!

Day 2 11/27/2012: My first distance run since I ran the half marathon in September. I ran 5 miles in 47 min and 55 sec (9.59 min per mile of 9 min, 36 sec per mile) This was before I designated my goal pace to be 9 min and 10 sec per mile. This 9.59 min mile is like my "easy" or "slow" pace! SO I obviously have a lot of work to do! I felt great after though and stretched enough that I was not sore. This is HUGE seeing as a year ago when I ran 5 miles for the Turkey Trot (and I was in great shape last fall too), I couldn't walk for 2 days after.
***Total Miles*** 5

Day 3 11/28/2012: Today was an easier workout day with 20 min of cross training (I cycled) and strength training via P90X. Again felt great today!
***Total Miles*** 5

Day 4 11/29/2012: Today was a cross training day where I focused on intervals. I am doing intervals on the elliptical and arc trainer instead of running because of my knee. (I have had 3 knee surgeries on my left knee, have arthritis, and basically no cartiledge left) Today after my warm up I did intervals on the arc trainer. I do the "Hill Interval" program. Usually I do level 8, but upped it up to level 9 today (my distance was not as far as it usually says for me for level 8, but i felt the burn!) With the hill intervals, whether I am on high resistance or not, I do 30 seconds high intensity, 15 seconds low intensity. After a high resistance segment, however, I do a 30 second low intensity interval.

After my arc training today I did alot of core work with the stability and medicine balls. Mason twists, leg lifts with the medicine ball, planks on the ball. You name it! My abs are already sore so it feels great. I had time to kill after this so I swam for about 20 minutes emoticon

***Total Miles*** 5

To end my day today, my roommate and I enjoyed a mini Christmas festival along a popular street near our house. All the merchants had their doors open, sales, hot coco, and other free samples. It was a great evening to be walking outside, enjoying the season, and spending time with my roommate.

Greatest accomplishment of today was NOT going for a second Skinny Cow ice cream bar, even though my hand was in the freezer!!!
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