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Things I'm Learning from Retail, and Things I'm Not.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

1. Christmas shoppers really aren't that bad. That's at least the case at Lands End. I've never been to a Black Friday, and I haven't been to a Mall to purchase anything since Middle school or high school. I imagined people crawling over the stairwell and stampeding and wrestling over the last Tickle Me Elmo doll.

2. My 10k training has come to good use. I'm walking a lot, and although I haven't started my new advanced 5k plan yet, I think I'm getting some pounds lost. I've noticed that I'm down a little in weight since Thanksgiving again. Hopefully in the mornings I'll be around 274. This may sound bad but as long as I keep my weight under or at 280 by the next BLC I am completely content. I imagine that I gain a lot more weight than that other years. All this walking should help a lot.

3. A slice of Sbarro Cheese Pizza is 340 calories, a slice of Sbarro Sausage pizza is 680 calories. Drink some water with that and you have yourself a food court lunch during Lunch break. I'll admit on my first training day I bought two slices. However my first day of on floor work I bought one slice. Next time I go shopping (when I get my pay check in 3 long weeks), I'll find some food to put in the break room.

4. I am the only human being that owns a turn signal. Oh, you own one too? Do you use it? Please let me know and if your answer is the right one I'll leave you a Spark goodie like a cookie or a snowflake or something.

5. I'm learning what it's like to introduce myself as "employed" to new people at church or Wednesday night fellowship. No longer do I have to say that I graduated from college in May and I'm looking for a job and I live with old people. I can say I work somewhere, and that I do something during the day.

6. Calluses disappear somewhere, but I don't know where. How something that big goes missing I'll never know.

7. Once you make something available at the front of the store, no one looks for it anymore. Murphy's Law is applicable in all 50 states, Canada, South America, United Nations and Mars.

8. I now know how to tie a woman's scarf. Hit me up if you need help. :-P I also have this strong urge to fold clothes that are laying haphazardly around the house just from instinct now.

9. I discovered a new fear of elevators and being under bridges on a highway at a stop light.

10. I want to shop there, in a fancy mall with great signage. My clothes have come from Walmart and Hamricks for too long. When I make enough money... someday!


1. What is a Cami? A cardigan? Why do you ladies have 80 different ways to name a sweater?

2. When can I run *in tennis shoes* again?

3. How do Tornados hit one little table display, yet completely ignore the rest of the store around it?

4. How do my co workers memorize where everything is in the store, even though everything changes every single day?

5. Why do stores play Christmas music about how the only thing important is "being together"... do they play this on Black Friday for their customers too? Is this a pun?

All in all, I've been keeping busy. Taking the stairs, walking to the storage room, taking the stairs, carrying boards and heavy robes, taking the stairs, walking to the storage room. I feel if I pair this with another BLC next season I should see some great results on weight loss. I believe I already have. Last Saturday night I weighed in at 287 (!), tonight I was 278. That's still heavier than my ending BLC weight, but I expect it to stay still or go down during the coming weeks just from work. Now that I'm doing this during my day instead of just running for an hour, then lounging... this should become easier.

Sleep is gonna feel sooooo relaxing tonight, until I wake up tomorrow afternoon.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _MOBII_
    I loved this blog! I am glad you found a job and am sorry about your tiny tornado outbreaks!
    1967 days ago
    I loved this blog Hal. You're doing amazing, and you have such a fantastic attitude :)
    1998 days ago
    first of all I USE MY TURN SIGNAL.

    I'm probably the only on in my town too.

    now, to finish this blog :D :D
    1998 days ago
  • *MAMA*2*BOYS*
    I bet the weight will just fall off now that you are crazy busy at work!! I've never worked in retail before, but I can imagine there are lots of pros and cons to it. I would think customers at Land's End would generally be a bit easier than customers at Walmart or somewhere similar. My cashier at WM yesterday was complimenting me on my well behaved children and told me one of the hardest things is dealing with all of the rude, unruly kids who are there with their parents. The poor lady literally shuddered when she said this.
    2000 days ago
    eh turn signals... Kidding! It bugs me to NO end the signal AFTER the turn. It's like Gee, thanks for that. For some reason people in Johannesburg neither have a turn signal nor use it to pre-empt a movement. If it gets used it's ALWAYS after they slow to a crawl to turn or in the middle of a lane change. Curses!
    2003 days ago
    Yes...I actually have a turn signal, and it works both ways, too. If I flip it up (not THAT way) it means I'm actually going to make a right hand turn. If I flip it down, that means I'm going to turn left. No, I never drive and leave the damn thing on for miles and miles like some people. I'm not a mind reader. I don't trust the drivers behind me NOR the drivers in front of me to actually know or care which way I am going to go. Hence, the use of the turn signal. Call me old fashioned. I'll take it as a compliment.
    2003 days ago
    To answer your question, yes i do have a turn signal and yes I DO use it. It pisses me off to see people not use them. They are accidents waiting to happen and they refuse to see it. One of my bigger pet peeves, to be honest.
    2003 days ago
    To add to SONIA260's comment, when you work in retail long enough, you will develop a deep rooted hatred for people who treat retail employees poorly, even if it isn't you. You will tip waiters/waitresses better.

    And if you work in retail a reaaaaaaaaaaaally long time (like me), you will eventually learn to despise people who cannot understand simple return policies, like trying to return something they didn't even purchase at your store, or that has clearly been worn and washed. And customers that decide to use fitting rooms as rest rooms.

    Can you tell I've worked in retail a LONG TIME?! haha

    Congrats on the job though!
    2003 days ago
  • SONIA260
    hehehehe....I looooove this blog! The amazing thing is, that once you have worked in retail, you develop a far better understanding and respect for others who do!
    2003 days ago
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