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Ugh...Same Old Story? Somebody Slap Me!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I run and then I run some more...and then run more...and I love every step! Really! I enjoy the run, not just the rewards of running, but the actual act of running. It frees me, it liberates me, it helps me soar! Even when the gnats fly in my mouth, even when the monster-geese lower their heads and charge at me, or when chihuahuas try to nip my heels! (The angry bikers, still not quite loving them...)

But right now I am grounded...why? Because I ran when I shouldn't have. I knew I was hurting, but decided I wasn't hurting enough, so...kept running...and running...and limping....and grimacing....and now we have RICE! And not with Garlic chicken, a whole different kinda RICE.

So...I have to somehow motivate myself to go to the gym and do something (GASP) different! Elliptical, bike, something! And I am having such a hard time with this and I know it's my pattern! I can't do what I want, so I hunker down with the LAYS in front of the tube, watch me some X-Factor, The Voice, Survivor...shucks, I have even started watching Hallmark movies and they are absolutely killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? A happy ending in every movie???? Really????? My blood sugars go through the roof with that channel!

ok, so my Sparkie friends, I am asking for help...pleading for help...all I need is for you to help push me out that door and to Cal Family Fitness! Please...somebody slap me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is John...and I approve this message....sort of.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You asked for it and you usually get what you ask for. So here it is '
    What were you thinking?
    Don't you know better?

    Do you really like old movies? Do you really love the couch and the rice?

    Do you think you will ever learn??

    Prolly not - it's just the way it is... But for now, kick back and enjoy some wet, rainy weather and some popcorn (sans butter).... HAHAHAHAHAAH
    1966 days ago
    I know what you are saying. I used to love running but then tore my achilles so badly that I haven't been able to run for over 12 years now. Try roller blading, it kind of feels like running but is great on your legs, or cycling which is terrific fun and the scenary changes faster than when running.

    Hope you heal soon and are back running in good time.

    1966 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    There are things other than running!! emoticon And those sappy Hallmark Christmas movies are great!!!
    1967 days ago
    JUST DO IT! I know that you can!

    I Love Hallmark!

    1967 days ago
    Ok, as Frank Barrone from Everybody Loves Raymond, would say, "Get Off Your Pity Pot Nancy!" LOL

    You WILL be just fine-Trust me ;)

    1967 days ago
    I know you. You will find your way. You will find your way back to running again. See, I used to beat myself up over that fact that I could NOT run. At all. I felt sorry for myself, why did I have to have a heart valve problem??? Why did I have to have a condition that makes my joints burn, ache, blah, blah, blah...blahhhh.

    Then I found hiking. Funny thing about it is, I do alot of climbing, But what I climb, I must descend. And I find that when I descend, I run the descent. And when I feel froggy, I actually run on the trail. Pretty good for someone that "can't run" eh?

    My point is, I'm not slapping you. You are going through a hiccup and we all get the hiccups. For some people the cure is drinking a glass of water upside down or swallowing a tablespoon of peanut butter. But in your case it's just patience. Prayer. Deep breathing.

    And faith.

    Yes. I know you. You will find your way. That's just how you are. The gym is just a temporary diversion. Remember that. And HALLMARK MOVIES ARE THE BEST!!!
    1968 days ago
  • LISAW/3
    Pretend the gym is your long lost friend! Plus with this weather, you'll be better off exercising indoors anyway!
    My plan for tomorrow's lunch workout is the treadmill. I haven't decided whether I am going to fast walk a crazy hill/incline program or work on my walk/run intervals.
    We'll check in tomorrow and see how we did!
    1968 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1968 days ago
    John, just go for it. You're usually an overachiever, so you might as well continue that tradition. Do what you know best and get exercising.
    Personally I've learned to love the gym. It keeps me healthy enough to do what I really love, and that is running.
    1968 days ago
    I want to hear what you did at the gym on Friday. How long, how far, how many calories, as many details as you can give me. AND give me one thing good about the change. Any one thing. Now..go!
    1968 days ago
    Stop being a cry baby (could be all that Hallmark crap...)
    Get up and get your butt to the dang gym!
    Seriously...get over yourself!
    Meh...probably can't do the elliptical anyway.
    You're right, chips and crappy movies for everyone!

    Did that help?
    That's all I have got in the way of tough love!

    Seriously, don't be sidelined...
    Embrace the challenge!

    1968 days ago
    emoticon Well here's an evil eye, not a slap. You've given me enough's the least I can do. Hey I just posted on the "Panic Button" on the message boards for help. We've done this, we can do this. Go to Cal Fit, sit on the bike and watch the Voice, no chips allowed. Ok now make me practice what I preach. emoticon
    1968 days ago
  • LERWIN1324

    Pick a couple machines. Tell yourself you're only going to spend 5-10 minutes on these 3-4 machines. 5-10 minutes really isn't that long of a time at all, is it? But, if you do 10 minutes on three machine - that's a half hour of fitness. You'll try new things, maybe find something you like just as much as running, and give yourself a little break.

    1968 days ago
    {{{{SLAP}}}} emoticon
    1968 days ago
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