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I'm A Big Loser with a Picture or 2

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Am A Big Loser (Pics)

That sounds almost negative, doesn’t it? I don’t mean for it to be. I was sitting at my computer at work today looking at my race medals, my paperclips (I have one for every pound I have lost), my Weight Wathcer’s medals and pictures and started thinking about the weight I have lost. I then was googling when the premiere of the next Biggest Loser is and I realized that I could be a person that won the Biggest Loser.

I was pregnant ugh

Nope, I didn’t lose it in the span of the show, but I have lost over 50% of my body weight. Gosh, that sounds like a lot. Well, it actually is a lot. It’s over 142 lbs actually really close to 150’s or maybe it is 150lbs. I’m not as neurotic about it as I once was. I guess that’s the good news, is that you don’t calculate your weight loss daily after a while. Actually it might be after 22 months.

(I had lost like 60 lbs)

My journey started January 2011 and it continues. I am still losing but I’m at a decent place. That’s the funny thing about having a goal weight; when you have over 100lbs to lose you just never know what number you truly will be ok living at. There are days that I think this size 6 is great and more days that I think if I could just lose 10 more pounds.

100lbs gone

I had a point when I sat down to type this out and now I am rambling. Stay with me and I am sure I will make my point. The thing I have learned about losing weight is that it’s not a diet it’s a choice; it’s a way to live. I have also learned that no one can do the work for you, no one can make you want it for you and no one can make the choices for you. It’s the one aspect of your life that you have to take complete responsibility for. You have to get rid of the excuses and just do it. I have learned a thinner life isn’t necessarily a happier life, bad stuff still happens and you deal with it. I’ve learned that lose skin sucks and losing 100 lbs doesn’t give you a great body image. I’ve learned that running can clear your head and I do feel better after working out.

The biggest thing I have learned is that I am a Big Loser. Nope, I didn’t win 250K or a title or a job on the ranch but I did win confidence, dedication and respect for myself. I learned that I didn’t need a gym (I’ve never stepped foot into one on this journey), I didn’t need a trainer telling me what to do. I learned to find the support I need and avoid the support I didn’t need. I learned that being a big lose in 22 months is just as good as being The Biggest Loser.

140 lbs gone

me now with 50% body weight gone.. but I might be smaller than this. lol
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