Thursday, November 29, 2012

Surviving through day 4 of the cleanse! Feeling a bit hungraaaaaay!! Also looked into some info on animal products so I get way off topic and rant about this. Looking for feedback!!
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    I've never heard of the GM detox so I can't really comment from experience, but maybe you can substitute another red meat, perhaps venison? I don't see what is so special about cow meat that it cannot be substituted for another hoofed beast, but I really don't know. I opt for grass feed beef if available cuz not only are commercial cattle pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, but they are fed a diet of almost exclusively GMO corn. Corn is not a natural food source for cattle and it makes them fat and sick. If you have access to wild meat I'd go with that. Wish I could go hunting myself but there aren't many wild animals in my neck of the (non)woods.

    About veganism; well I really don't advocate for that lifestyle, although there are of course many people who disagree. Human beings are natural omnivores and that of course includes meat. I think, and this is just my personal opinion, that the way our ancestors ate is the healthiest. That includes nuts, berries, root veggies, greens, seafood, game, and even insects (no, I don't eat bugs). It is true that meat has no fiber and so a diet high in animal protein and low in fruits and veggies (the typical American diet) correlates to an increased risk of colorectal cancer, among other things, but in my opinion GRAINS are responsible for a lot of our health woes, not meat. Like with the cows and corn, our over-consumption of grains is not natural to us. It only came along with the advent of agriculture a few thousand years ago. Eat too many grains, especially refined carbs, which everybody loves, and insulin levels spike setting off a chain reaction of nasty effect throughout the body which results in systemic inflammation. The body tries to repair itself by producing more cholesterol, but if the inflammation is chronic the cholesterol continues to line the arteries. It is for this reason that people on diets like Atkins report improved lipid profiles when they stop eating breads and the like. Chronic inflammation is associated with a slew of chronic diseases including, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Now in no way am I saying don't ever eat rice, or bread or pasta. I think moderation in all things is key, plus loading up on foods like fruits and vegetables that are high in nutrients and provide enough roughage to move everything out of your system. You can be vegan and still be fat and sick if you eat the wrong foods. Ok, ok enough of my rant. I'll stop now. emoticon

    Oh, I've used eggplant instead of pasta for lasagna and its was absolutely delicious. It did come out a bit watery as well. I think maybe if you pre-bake/grill/whatever the veggie a little beforehand it will release some of the excess juices.
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