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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Last year when I finally became serious about 'getting back into shape,' I NEVER imagined that in a little over 18 months I would be where I am today...doing what I am doing now!

Back then, I could barely walk a flight of steps without needing 5 minutes just to catch my breathe at the top. Now, I can run up those same stairs with no change in my breathing...in heels no less...carrying a laptop and a 10lb purse! Lol!

I am AMAZED at how far I have come...and how far I'm still planning to go!

Case in point, I'm training for a race...a RACE...me...the person who always said that if running was the only way to save my life, I would die that day. And not just any race, an obstacle race with obstacles that I won't know what they are until I come across them during the race. Talk about being WAY out of my comfort zone! I'm Ms. Research and Plan Down to the Tiniest Details Before I Make a Move. I don't go into ANYTHING blind. But here I am planning to do just that next year.

My training has also taken me where I didn't expect to go!

Until 5 months ago, I had never heard of this thing called CrossFit. Now, I cannot envision a life without it. Who would have ever believed that I would be putting my body through the torment I put it through...for which I willingly pay...and am happy to do so! Yes, I liked weight training when I was younger...but I'm now 46 years old and am not SUPPOSED to be abusing my body the way that I am. I should be taking a nice, safe, low-impact aerobics class ... or better yet, just taking a nice stroll every evening because I wouldn't want to 'hurt anything' or do 'irreparable harm.' NOT!!!

Nothing beats achieving something you have never considered doing before...or even thought of as a possibility! Nothing is as satisfying as pushing yourself to your limits and going beyond those same limits! Nothing compares to working to the point of exhaustion but still driving forward...knowing that your body can do it! That's what CrossFit is!

Like tonight...WOD (workout of the day) was a hodgepodge of strength, skill and conditioning exercises...including 3 rounds (10 reps each) of seated shoulder presses, pull ups, good mornings (you would never guess this one! Lol) and front racked barbell step ups (all with a 45lb barbell for me)...then as many atlas stone to shoulders for load in 4 minutes...again with a 45lb stone. We also spent 10 minutes on perfecting the atlas stone to shoulder technique...working to failure. (I failed @ 77lbs after 1 successful lift at that weight.)

Last year this time, I would have run screaming out of the Box thinking that my trainer was off his rocker for thinking that I would/could complete the above workout...while seriously considering changing 'gyms.' Fast forward to tonight, not only did I complete the WOD, I did so gleefully...pr'ing (setting a personal record for) my atlas stone to shoulders by 225lbs!

Four months ago, would I have thought that I could have completed the above workout...NO! What a difference a few months make!

Now, tomorrow I may not be able to lift my arms above my head. But who needs to reach that can/cup/towel/book on that high shelf, anyway? Lol
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    WOW! I loved reading your blog. I totally understand what Crossfit has done for you. I think that's what makes it so addicting. I am so so so close to doing an unassisted pullup I can taste it. Having been chubby and naturally unathletic my whole entire life, I impress myself everyday with what I am able to do. Good luck with your race! I have a 5K this weekend and a 10K the following weekend. Not sure if I would dig a race with obstacles, lol....
    2001 days ago
  • SRBSRB26
    2001 days ago
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