Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hey everyone!!

I can't do a vlog right now, so will just have to keep to a blog for today :)

Well I went to SportsDirect today and got myself some nice gym trousers and a water
bottle. I kind of got them to congratulate myself for two rocking weeks but also because I REALLY needed them. Gym trousers because mine two pairs are close to 5/6 years old (crazy!) and I really want to drink more water so I'm hoping this will help.
Also I have decided that I will get myself a really nice workout top, but not until I have done another 2 weeks - an xmas present maybe?

I had a great session at the gym today, did 20min on the cross trainer, 30 mins running, 10 minutes on the bike and 10 min on abs. I really pushed myself and felt great. It was a good cardio session and I look forward to doing some more weight stuff at my next session.

Unfortunately, to rain on my parade...I literally COMPLETELY FORGOT about a lesson I was supposed to teach!! So while I was having a great gym session, one of my clients was phoning me repeatedly wondering where the hell I was. And it's very irritating because it's entirely my fault, I wrote it down last week on my calendar and forgot to press the button to repeat for every week. So I just thought it had been cancelled, and in general I just couldn't remember why I wasn't teaching but didn't consider it strange at all knowing how often people cancel.

It has seriously got me down because this woman is really quite neurotic and can be very difficult when it comes to lessons, especially with one of her kids. So any small problem annoys her. Mostly though, I'm irritated at myself and it got me thinking that this whole thing of feeling really disorganised does get me down.

If I forget something, I'm so cross at myself and I never really find a positive way of changing my bad habits long-term. Of course for the first week, I'll be super early for everything, I'll get up on time etc but it's not a real solution... I dunno about you guys, but I'm the girl who sends a text 2 mins before having a meeting with a friend to be like: 'I'll be there in 10! sorry :)' and everyone forgives me for it, because I'm quite an organised person generally and they know if I'm late I'll make up for it, cause I'm so enthusiastic and up for anything.

However, it's a really bad habit and I realise a lot of my friends are very similar and are always late so I'm not really surrounded by people who can help me change it. It makes me realise that actually I know so few people who inspire me by being really organised, but not in a neurotic, irritating, boring way, just people who are good at organising stuff without getting too stressed. I always pride myself for being one of those people, and I know people around me think I'm organised, but I just think it might mean that I'm more organised than them, not necessarily well-organised AND I actually DO get stressed about the things I need to do to the point where sometimes, I don't get them done. (woo what a long sentence!)

How do you guys feel about this? Do you struggle too? Are you organised? hyper-organised? sloppy? you can't be lazy, cause you're on Spark!! ;)

In any case, this whole 'reflection' leads me to think that:

1. Life does sometimes get in the way of plans, important plans too, and that's ok.
2. Being a little stricter with myself when it comes to timings, getting up early and being organised for the next month would be a good improvement
3. Take some time to meditate to give myself to keep calm, while pushing myself.

- some more long-term goals!

Thank you everyone for your support
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    Me too. I think I have a form of OCD about being places on time. I feel terrible if I'm late or running late for anything!
    2510 days ago
    I'm always early, and I rarely forget appointments etc, but I can't tell you why. Its like there's a diary in my head, that things just slot into. I do use the calender on my phone, but only as a backup. So maybe it's not your fault, you're just wired differently to me. On the other hand, I'm a lot older than you, and was brought up in a time where we took responsibility for ourselves to a much greater degree than later generations, where Mum does everything now, including thinking for you, remembering for you and reminding you, I watch my DIL doing it now, and it drives me bonkers.
    2511 days ago
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