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From Obese to Healthy Weight

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It has taken me over 3 years to go from obese to healthy, and I am not at my goal.

For me the holidays mean that I could easily slip back, and I never want to be labelled overweight again, so I thought I would take this opportunity to celebrate with you things I have celebrated on my journey and things I love about having lost over 40lb (wow 25% of my starting weight)

So in no particular order
Collar bones – seeing my collar bones, which makes my neck look longer, and I remember them re-emerging, although not when I lost them
Sitting in the bath and not damming up all the water behind me, as I realised that my thighs no longer touch the sides
Going from Obese to Overweight – that was a fantastic day, if you have had that day yourself you know what I mean
Realising that the trousers I wore at my biggest I can wiggle out of without undoing.
My shoes fitting better – I was never willing to up my shoe size, but some became really cramped
Realising I am the only person in my entire family who can run 5k, actually I am the only one who can run 1mile
Being willing to be seen in public in a swimming suit again – my kids were pestering me to go, and I wouldn’t even think about it until I lost the first 15lb
Rediscovering my waist, and my shrinking jelly belly – 2.5” lost in a year despite minimal weight loss in the same period
Having guns, and working on getting rid of those bingo wings – I am so proud of my biceps – right up until evil youngest daughter wobbles my bingo wings
Realising that there is genuine male appreciation in the eyes of some guys I work with – I am a vain creature.
Realising my hubby really does appreciate me whatever my size – reassuring, although it does mean he tries to sabotage me at every turn so I won’t run off
Not logging everything I do as exercise anymore (e.g. the half mile brisk walk from my car to the office every morning is now just activity)
Wanting to hit my calorie range – just a recent victory, being part of BLC20 means challenges, and some of those challenges have been hitting my range, and as I am competitive, and because I don’t want to let the rest of the Rangers down I have started hitting my range. Hitting my range has led to losses – which in turn makes me want to hit my calorie range
Bothering with my appearance a bit more and realising I like looking nice. – I sorted out my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago, and I realised that my old ‘skinny’ clothes are nice, and that I want to wear them again. This led to making more of an effort (omg make-up most days for the past week or so) and discovering that I like looking good, and I can pull it off when I try.
My ankles becoming slender again – speaks for itself
Awareness of new found muscles under the wobble – strength is just sexy
Finding my muchness - I am so much more muchier now than I have ever been

And things I am looking forward to:
Fitting into the skirts I used to fit into – was I really that skinny??? And if so why did I always feel massive back then
Being able to run further and fast than I ever would have dreamed
Building the courage to go and sign up for burlesque dancing classes, I have only been researching them for a year or so
Doing a triathlon
Seeing my abs – they must be under the wobble.
Being fitter, healthier and hopefully happier.

And finally my journey in pictures

May 2009 – about 185lb

November 2010 – 162lb

22nd April 2011 – 157lb

July 2011 – 149lb

1st September 2012 – 150lb

25th November 2012 – 143lb

With all of that I can’t think of what holiday treat it is worth gorging on to leave me overweight and 5lb further from my goals so I am saying NO THANK YOU to the Christmas 5.

Take care out there
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