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Day 8

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There is a small part of me that is doing this program to prove a point. The company I work for is big on Health and Wellness. So much so that there is a significant health insurance deposit in a Health Savings Account or a decrease in the deductible for the standard PPO plan. That is a nice incentive, I suppose. I took advantage of that by participating in the program. The big problem for me is that I would then have to show improvement in the 5 target categories. Those are Body Mass Index, fasting blood glucose, blood pressure, total cholesterol and whether or not you are a smoker. I get why the company wants you to be in an acceptable range within “the Big 5,” but I have to be honest. The last time my BMI was between 19-26, I was 20. My cholesterol wasn’t bad…I met that….and the smoking thing. Good Lord…if I smoked on top of being Jabba the Hut? Death is imminent. To be honest, I believe the only reason I haven’t lost a foot, had a heart attack or a stroke is my attitude towards life. I have always been very social, a comic, per say. I have had more endorphins flowing through my body than anything. Still to this day I am a happy fat man. Until we have pictures taken. UGH! I hate my photo because, being happy and fat, causes me to have a visual of myself that isn’t accurate. I certainly didn’t feel like I weighed 387 pounds 5 years ago. I sure did look it however.

My plan is to get my company to offset some of the cost of this program. I believe it’s too important to overlook this because of cost. I KNOW there are people here that can benefit from it, whose family can benefit from it. How many healthy people have obese children? Not as many as unhealthy people I would imagine. It might be a stereotype, but I would bet that it’s true. It is a parental responsibility to take care of our children. The proper foods are crucial. Being an example is even more important. How many kids say they want to be like mom and dad? Just about all of them. It’s hard to preach eating right to your kids when you don’t do it yourself. So there would be happy productive employees that work here. Happier family dynamics, healthier kids, more educated kids who have ambition to do more than play the XBOX. Again, logic and sense far outweigh any costs. If my employer cares about making employees healthy and well, why not provide a service that has been proven to make people healthy and well?

I am doing this as a testimony to the board, so to speak. If I have suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol which we know leads to heart attacks, strokes, neuropathy pain, poor tissue perfusion, amputation, heart failure, kidney failure, and can cure all of these ills along with stop the potential for the other co-morbidities, why can’t everyone do it? Why not at least consider it? Why not care about the employees you have hired, so much so, that you have offered a fantastic life changing program that not only will help you drop unwanted pounds, but will also help you CURE your high blood pressure, CURE your diabetes, CURE your high cholesterol? Why not offer a program that teaches you how to eat properly, in turn providing tools that you can pass onto your children? I think it is a must to provide this service, or at least cut the cost a bit to cover it. I think it is a huge testament to the employees and would establish some trust in the work force.
It’s all on me to stick to the protocol, to get results, to sell this concept and idea to management. Even more reason to not cheat and follow the program. My whole life is a reason not to cheat. I have cheated far too long. If I can do this, maybe I can find a way to help others stop cheating as well. Time will tell. Tomorrow is a new day!
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    What a great idea! You sound like the perfect person to convince them and then who knows...other companies will follow...
    2337 days ago
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