DH's Trip to the Gym: Day 3

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I know people rave about it, get up ridiculously early to make their morning classes and get upset when they miss their weekly slot, but spinning did not agree with me one little bit. For some reason I thought an hour of pain, sweat, and cycling would be fun, a notion that quickly evaporated shortly after I hopped onto the very thin and uncomfortable seat.

DH on the other hand, loved it. He's off work for the week, accompanying me to the gym to see what I do there. I love having him around but it feels a little as if he's shadowing me at my job. He's already tried yoga (found it OK), AquaFit (didn't get it) ABC (arms, back and chest, which he liked, even though he lifted too much and hurt his arm). However, he loathed my Zumba class, saying he couldn't get the footwork. Apparantly, trying to follow along as we shook our backsides to Gangham Style made him lose the will to live.

"But Zumba is fun!", was my clever retort.

Secretly, I think the real reason he enjoyed spinning so much was because it made him feel as if he were training for the Tour de France, as opposed to competing (unsuccessfully) for a place in So You Think You Can Dance.

In his defence, DH explained that he likes spinning because the class was straightforward with no surprise steps to trip him up. He simply focused on pedalling faster or upping gears, where I was clearly bored, adjusting and readjusting my seat and staring at my watch as I willed the torture to be over.

This was a sore point, considering I was already sore in many areas. Yes, I did look at my watch a few times. In my own defence, I do not like that Queen song 'Bicycle Races' and the instructor played it twice, smiling throughout whenever the bell tinkled.

Also, I was cranky from lack of sleep. And on that note, why are spin classes so bloody early in the AM? I get that spinning is 'serious' business, unlike AquaFit (much later on in the day) where we all splash and goof around in the pool in uncoordinated fashion. Clearly we're never going to be getting any medals in synchronised swimming, but exercise can be good for you as well as fun, right?

While spinning was physically challenging, my brain kept wandering, pondering on what we would have for lunch later and what I needed at the grocery store. I guess I didn't get a lot out of it as I didn't put in much effort, aside from not falling off my seat, I mean.

Part of the reason I enjoy dancing is that it forces me to concentrate. The minute I get distracted, I'm in danger of tripping over my own feet. It is not enough to burn calories, I need activities that engage me mentally and physically. I'm not saying I'd like to do logic puzzles during yoga or anything, but at the same time i'm not a fan of predictably, where DH prefers to know exactly what's going to happen at all times so he doesn't get caught off guard. Only then can he throw himself into something fully.

I guess for now we will have to agree to disagree on our exercising preferences. How about you? What types of exercises or activities bore you silly and which ones do you enjoy?
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  • no profile photo CD9922996
    I'm with you 100% on the spinning front, most likely because I spin my wheels enough as it is! emoticon

    It is certainly one of the surprising discoveries between people that what moves one person to peaks of ecstasy leaves another completely cold. It's a good thing that, for most of us, the choices are many.

    We just need to make them!
    3055 days ago
    I hate doing activity for activity's sake alone. If it doesn't have a practical purpose (digging a ditch) it better be fun (Zumba for me).
    3055 days ago
    Ha,ha, that's a great description and confirms how different we all are in what we enjoy. I love dancing but hate Zumba or any class where you have to do the moves the instructor tells you to do. I do share your dislike of spinning, and not just because of the saddle, I just get bored after 5 minutes with any cardio equipment in the gym. But get me outside on a real bicycle or a horse and I can exercise for hours.
    It's so good to try out many different things and find out what we truly love. emoticon
    And in my opinion, if it isn't fun it's not the right kind of exercise.
    3056 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/28/2012 5:38:40 PM
  • PICKIE98
    First of all, you are so funny! I can just picture a girl sitting on a seat teh size of a hot dog bun, as hard as an anvil,, then jumping up to avoid it. Dh and you are so different. Guys do not want to appear looking vulnerable of=r dumb, missing steps, so spinning is just THERE!
    I would be bored to tears too like you. On a regular bike, on a trail, on a sidewalk even, there is scenery, challenge to watch the road,,
    Water anything is fun; zumba is intimidating to me, but I see there is one for over 50( I am WAY over that!!)

    dancing is not my forte` but I would do it at home with no witnesses...
    3056 days ago
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