Thanksgiving gains

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On thanksgiving morning I weighed 221lbs, the next day I weighed 228lbs!
I didnt even eat that much! I am positive now that I have a wheat problem, I think I gained all that poundage from the stuffing and rolls. Because I can believe gaining 2 or 3 or even 4lbs for thanksgiving but not that many pounds that just crazy. I have since immediately cut out bread/wheat/glutten again and Ive gone down 2lbs, Im now 226lbs.

That number makes me want to cry.

Ive been using my elliptical every chance I get, even if just for a few mins, it adds up, and hopefully will effect my metabolism to be exercising randomly through out the day.

UGH though, why do I gain so quickly?! Its simply not fair.
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    Hi! Just checking in :) Im the new leader of the 10 Pound Weight Loss Challenge ...
    Stopping by members pages to welcome them back :)

    That significant of a weight gain in one day sounds like bloating to me too .... I would definitly persue the gluten allergy route if you see other signs and symptoms...

    Could it have also been your TOM? I know I bloat like crazy the days before ...

    Either way keep up the water in take! Move more and it should help :)
    1968 days ago
    Blessings to you on your journey! You sound like a very interesting person in reading more from your sparkpage. I wish you the best! The only thoughts that I would add are that each person's biochemistry is sooo different and food responds differently in all of our bodies. I think that you are so wise to be trying to figure out which foods have a negative response on your system, your weight, your energy, etc. at your age!

    I realized in my 30s that my body is very carb sensitive. I wish that I had learned it in my 20s, b/c I used to eat 1200 calories/day of low-fat food and not lose weight. It was so frustrating to be hungry, grumpy and NOT lose weight. When I finally figured out that my body just didn't agree with carbs, it was a whole new battle for me.

    Even if I'm eating lots of carbs and gaining weight and not feeling good...I know what to do to reverse it. I am limiting my starchy carbs now and I have so much more energy and weight is coming off.

    So, hang in there. Learn what works for your body. Keep testing and when you're inching toward 40 (like me), you will enter into that season with so much more health and vibrancy from what you're learning!

    Take care (sorry this is long).
    1968 days ago
    I can gain 5 pounds or more in 1 day and lose it over 2...and life goes on!
    1968 days ago
    I know weight can fluctuate so much in a given day and for me when I have a lot of food with sodium in it, I can be 5-6 lbs more the next day. I drink tons of water and those extra pounds are usually gone in 2 days. Good luck!
    1968 days ago
    I tend to gain very quickly also. I will work hard for a few weeks and loose a pound or two, then eat bad one meal and gain it back plus some. One thing I have heard is salt can greatly affect quick weight gain. Maybe a good detox green tea, or hibiscus could help as a diuretic to get the excess water to leave your system. I didn't gain over Thanksgiving this year, but I felt really bloated, and my eyes were super puffy the next few days, I'm sure it is the salt/sugar combo that I usually don't get that much of. Good luck, hopefully it's mainly water weight, which is what I'm sure it is. Stay strong, keep up the spark!! I've finally realized no matter how slow I go, if I don't give up, I'm doing better than I was before I found SP. Have a great week!!
    1969 days ago
    If I have gained weight overnight, I can usually look back and see that I was eating food very high in salt the previous day.
    1969 days ago
    your weight can fluctuate up to 2 lbs each day, so if you were 221 (fluctuating low, so really 223), then gained 4 lbs with thanksgiving (227) and fluctuated up 1 lb, that'd give you 228! so see? It's not so bad; nothing to worry over. Just stay strong and keep on keeping on and you'll be fine!
    1969 days ago
    I know how you feel, I have gained 8 pounds in three weeks and I am terrified, I have since started tracking everything that goes into my mouth here onsite and all of my exercises, good luck to you!
    1969 days ago
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